Helping out a friend with his first Fractal Audio FM3 !

Discussion in 'Other Amps' started by Anand Mahangoe, Jan 14, 2022.

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    Hi All !
    A friend of mine finally took the jump and got a FM3 and asked me if I could help him setting up for recordings and some basic presets.
    The key IMHO is to start SIMPLE and just checked out his needs for some basic sounds and easy layouts which would fit his work flow and mentally easy to understand.

    Just the other day I saw a video from Rhett Shull in which he gave his opinions on the AXE III....To be honest : I don't think the AXE III is difficult at all to program without Axe Edit.....just start SIMPLE but well, that's my humble opinion.

    My friend has some nice Yamaha NS10M monitors.....really loved the sound when we were playing alone with guitars....Once I started to compare the Guitar sound with some Youtube recordings, suddenly I realised : These NS10's have very very little Low End hahahahaahahah

    BUT once you know that , no problem at all because the Guitars weren't near those frequencies anyhow.
    I think I would love to have these studio monitors too some day !!

    The parts that I recorded, are of course with my beloved Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555X !!

    Here is the video and the Backing Track is also uploaded on my Youtube Channel !

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