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Jun 9, 2022
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I recently scored one of my dream amps, a 1978 JMP 2203, so I thought I'd go ahead and join the MF and hang out with the cool kids. The condensed version of my JMP story is I helped a lady get appraisals of her recently deceased husband's music gear and she gave me his JMP out of appreciation. Right now it's being serviced, there were some issues that were beyond just a simple tune up. But the amp looks to be pretty much stock, maybe a few components swapped, but no mods, no extra holes, no shenanigans.

Been playing since 1982, kinda hard to believe that this is my first Marshall, but better late than never LOL! In truth, I have owned and still own some Marshall influenced amps, namely my 90's Fender Tonemaster, which was very "plexi" like (sold it years ago) and my Bogner Goldfinger 45. But yeah, this is my first Marshall.

I'm currently building a 4x12 cab to go with it, so I'll be looking for speaker recommendations. I tend to like speakers with a smoother top end, ice pick isn't my thing. I'll probably post this in a different part of these forums later, but I wanted to introduce myself and say hello.

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