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Aug 26, 2021
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Hello everyone and thanks for having me. I started playing I believe it was 1990 on and off and played various instruments in a few different rock, blues, and pop rock bands and I'm just a lifelong student enjoying the ride and it's a fun one. I love all forms of metal too; well from the past but oddly I never played in any metal bands but my journey is not over yet.

I recall about when the Gulf War started or during I put on lay-a-way my first decent amp which was an upgrade from my two knob (tone & volume) Vista and some kind of DOD distortion pedal that was covered black in model paint when I got it so no clue what it was called.

Anyways I was a bagger in a grocery store making $50 a week while in high school when I saw it in Cambridge Music Center around the Boston area. That amp was <drum roll> a Marshall Lead Twelve. It cost about $150 don't know if it was used or not and it took me a little over a month to get and man I was euphoric when I did! Thinking about it all day and night at the thought of having a piece of gear all my idols had.

I still remember bringing it home on a cold winter day on the red line train from Porter square. So proud carrying it and just could not believe I was going to have that black and gold icon in my room ripping it up on my Harmony S guitar that had an empty roll of tape on it's side with a no.2 pencil on top for a bridge (had to see it) that you could not nor did I know how to tune. Looking back recall seeing some 112 and 212 combos that were $400 an up but the Lead Twelve was within my reach and I got it! Those were probably JCM combos thinking back.

I went through a lot of crappy no name guitars for years and some still required the pencil and empty roll of tape but over time I lost it. As I made more money my wrath was great in purchasing some of my favorites like Fenders, LTD, a Gibson LP classic, Charvel, Ibanez, Epiphones (new ones are amazing) along with a Gretsch and many others.

I don't recall where the Lead Twelve went but I did get another one just because. My favorite right now or well for over a year is my DSL40CR (white one) that I put a V30 in and run two more Orange 112's with V30's for a nice big full sound. Today I just received my new SC20c, the little JCM800 combo but I cannot play it as they forgot the power cord which will lead to my first question in another area of discussion. It was used but in mint shape so it was just the amp packed with foam and paper in a box.

Well I hope you got a kick out of reading this it's a memory that I'm quite fond of and will never forget that opened up a whole new everlasting world to me meeting some great and shady people along the way. Good to meet you all, names Kevin ;)
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Apr 7, 2020
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the Burgh
I meant to ask. Do I need certain permissions to add media? I cannot seem to figure out how on my desktop or phone. I might be able to get you all the schematics for the pencil bridge.
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Oct 25, 2009
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Yeah that was a good read Kevin.
Good intro post too.
Makes me feel like we already know you a bit.

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