Gary Moore :>)

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    In my youth, when he was a rock player, he was one of my biggest influences- I learned a whole bunch from working out stuff from Black Rose, Corridors, Victims, Run for Cover, Wild Frontier, as well as some stuff from earlier- G Force, Solo albums,etc then he went all Vivian Campbell on the fans who made him what he was (must be an Irish guy thing). I largely tuned out the white boy blues era. As I got older I "got it"- why he did what he did, but I never really followed him after the first couple blues albums- wasn't hopping on that bandwagon.

    Monster Guitar Player. Complete Jackass. None of us are perfect. RIP.

    This popped up in my feed last night-IDK why- I haven't watched in years. Sound quality is not great

    No video but sound quality is excellent
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    I-55 Corridor
    Lizzy gets their Irish on during Moore's 1st stint ,'74


    And in '79 . Gary said Scott had to sit that middle part out ....came ya blame him ???

    A parts'68 tele he was real fond of


    After a good steak dinner in Brighton


    Onstage in Germany somewhere 2009


    Gary was very kind to me .He knew I worshipped Lynott and invited me to the Guinness in his dressing room every night ,while he was warming up and spinnin yarns.......He'd bring his "entourage" out to watch the last few songs of out set every night
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