FS UK: 1989 Marshall 2554 Jubilee 1x12 Combo


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Oct 5, 2009
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Suffolk, England
Didn't want to let this one go but thanks to a recent vintage guitar purchase I'm having to have a real gear purge....

1989 Marshall 2554 Jubilee 50w 1x12 in absolutely stunning collector grade condition, few small marks on the front and back metal panels but barely a mark on the tolex and super clean inside. Just been expertly serviced by the good folks at Essex Amp repairs, recently revalved and it sounds spectacular! This must be one of the coolest little combo amps ever made, inside this tiny box houses a fully featured 50w Jubilee, with the only omission being a choke due to space. I've owned the big heads and this thing plugged into a good cab really does sound nearly identical, big fat juicy lead tone and surprisingly nice clean channel. Still has the factory V30 in the combo which also sounds great, perfect speaker for this circuit and it really betrays it's tiny size, plug into it and you won't believe an amp this small is making such a big sound!

Amp is in all original condition aside from the usual servicing parts, just had a scratchy pot changed for example but will include the original in the sale. Note the original Drake transformers dated Sept '89. Also included is the original clear plastic cover which is in terrible condition (held together with tape!) and a nice new padded vinyl cover from Hot Covers.

Looking to deal in person for this one, willing to travel within an hour radius of Ipswich for petrol money. Will go as far as Gant's Hill if you're in London. Price is £600 cash/paypal gift on collection, open to sensible offers and may take something in part ex plus cash, either way just shoot me a PM!

Cheers guys,


Jul 8, 2015
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I am interested in this amp if it is still for sale?

I have sent you a PM about it.

I am open to P/X for it (Say my JCM2000 DSL 401 Combo and Cash / I have some rarer Boss F/X Pedals like the DC-3 I have I would use in a P/X) or we can just do a cash deal for the amp.

It's because your thread appeared on my google search results that I decided to join the forums as I've been trying to get one of the smaller Jubilee's

I am sorry with me being a new member on here that it may put you off, but I would obviously either pay cash or let funds from paypal clear into your account before I asked for the amp. I am known on the Rob Chapman forums by the same name if you are a user on those forums as well.

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