FS: Reinhardt JKC33 Head (old school plexi / jtm45)


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Aug 29, 2012
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The Tundra, Canada
Reinhardt JKC33 Head Amplifier

Asking $1350.00 shipped with insurance in Canada/CONUSA by IEMT or (Paypal gift payment option) - $1400.00 regular Paypal option

Killer old school Marshall Plexi and JTM45 sounds in spades, now collectable and discontinued.

Perfect condition no rips, tears, dents or dings on the tolex covering.

Bob Reinhardt has temporarily stopped building new amplifiers and has gone into engine building full time for a professional drag racing team.

Amps new


The JKC33 is based on our Vintage 50, but designed with the gigging musician in mind.Special lower-powered output transformer delivers about 30 watts makes it perfect for venues where 50 watts would be too much. You can wind this amp up to enable it to produce that sweet tone at reduced volume.

Just like theVintage 50, this amp is a 4 input, non master volume setup, with a shared set of tone controls. The JKC 33 has a killer, sweet full clean tone, and starts to get gritty around 4 on the volume. From 4 on up, it gets thicker and smoother crunch tones. As with all of our amps, it responds very well to the guitars volume control, and to your pick attack. When wound up, gets a nice gritty clean, or clean with a little hair on it, by rolling the volume back on the guitar. Go from there, to singing leads with just a turn of the guitars volume.

Power section is 2 el34's, OR 2 KT66's. and the preamp uses 3 12ax7/ecc83's. Solid state rectification keeps this amp tight, even when wound up. I am constantly testing preamp tubes for the best possible combination. I have also been testing the use of KT66's in this amp, and itsamazing. All amps are now set up with the ability to adjust for KT66's, to give you that early Page,Clapton, etc type tone.

Built with the same attention to detail, and high quality as all our amps. Custom wound Heyboer transformers recreated from a tear down of the Drake 784-139OT, hand assembled and hand wired, with no compromises. Chassis are welded for extra support and durability, and switches are all heavy duty units for long trouble free service.

The JKC33 comes standard with:

Vintage/Modern switch which alows a change from shared to split cathode. It also has different resistor/cap values for each option, so in the vintage mode (shared), it is thicker, and less gain, and in the modern mode (split cathode) the bright channel will have a brighter, more of a lead circuit voicing.

Firm/Soft/Standby switch which allows a change to the rectification between tube or solid state.

Winged C EL34 powertubes and a mix of Mullard, JJ, EI, or Tungsol preamp tubes.
Custom wound Heyboer output tranformer, power transformer, and choke.
ARS and Sprague high quality filter caps. Handwired with silver core teflon jacketed wire.
External bias jacks,with top mounted 10 turn bias pot for easy, precise biasing.

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