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Nov 26, 2008
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Dutchess County NY
I broke out the Bassman 70 again for a collaboration jam with some Wikiloops buddies. It's a file sharing website where the jam tracks are assembled a track at a time by the members. It's a load of fun and I've made friends there with musicians all over the world.

This was started by the keyboard player. The drummer (Peter who is a hell of a player) added the church bells to the track which bumped the keyboard player's track to a darker place. When my bass buddy Ernie added his line he changed the name from "Forever is just a word" to "The Black Plague" because of those bells then added some dark imagery via a gif with some evil doer birds in the comments box. Ernie's name change & puppets made me laugh so his puppets make a cameo appearance in this video I made and posted when I uploaded my addition. Good times. :lol:

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Dec 7, 2021
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Italy - Lombardia
Good Evening to All (it's 9 PM here in Italy). I resume this Topic without opening a new one and I apologize in advance if I ask trivial questions. Eventually the administrators will be able to refer to any specific threads.

So ......... I bought a 1976 Fender Bassman 100 Head, 100watt with Master Volume and Mid control in the second channel.
The cylinder head has been overhauled and revalued by a specialized technician and I found it at a more than affordable price, for the prices found here in Italy.

Now many questions arise, even trivial, but logical because I have never played one, even if - obviously - I have always been attracted to it.
The amp should serve a Classic Rock Music Project (not necessarily vintage, but also recent style) in which we will be two guitarists. I will mostly use Strat with Seymour Duncan Antiquity pickups (Texas Hot + Surfer).

I try to outline the trivial questions, hoping for your patience and availability.

1. - Has anyone had any experience with this version?

2. - Can the channels be connected with a patch cable? I guess so ... does anyone have experience and can you indicate what sound experience he has had? How do the two blend together?

3. - By setting the Volume to max and working with the Master Volume, it goes into overdrive (I guess so), and with what sound timbre?

4. - By putting the Master Volume to maximum and playing only with the Volume, at what point does it start to go into crunch?

5. - What frequencies does the midrange control move? Is it effective?

6. - I do not have high quality cases; do I have two Harley Bentons, a 4x12 (similar to a 1960A) and a 2x12, both with Celestion V30s? Starting from the fact that they are not the perfect speakers for a Fender amplifier, does anyone have any experience regarding the possible sound performance?

7. - How would you use the first channel (the one without mid-range control and usually used for bass)?

8 - The Pedals. It is well known that the Bassman takes pedals very well, what would you recommend? Starting from the premise that in my pedalboard there will necessarily be a Fuzz Face, a Wah Wah and a Vibe .... advice for delay / reverb? Other modulations like a Tremolo or a Vibrato? Overdrive: which one? TS9 or Boss Sd-1? Or Boss OD-3? OCD? Klon? In some combination?

Thanks for the answers you will want and will be able to give me. I am also attaching some photos


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