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    I'm looking to add an extension cabinet for my JMP2104. On the back panel there are two speaker jacks. The amp has one 16 ohm G12H Greenback and one 16 ohm G12M Blackback wired to an 8 ohm load.

    I have a line on Marshall 1936 loaded with two 16 ohm Eminence Tonkers. I'll assume for now these are wired for an 8 Ohm load.

    First of all, if I plug an extension cabinet into the other speaker jack, will it turn off the speakers in the amp combo? Secondly, if it doesn't, I would assume I need to turn the impwdence selector to 4 ohms (assuming there is a 4 ohm option?). Am I missing anything here?

    KLD 20210206_202542_resized.jpg
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    You can use both jacks at the same time -- that won't cut off the combo speakers.

    Yes, set the amp for 4 ohms when using an 8 ohm cab along with your combo's speakers.

    (The cab with two 16 ohm speakers is either 8 or 32 ohms, so probably 8. But if it had a previous owner do check that the speakers are in parallel, not series -- previous owners do crazy things sometimes.)
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