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    Works very good on a lot of amps and for certain situations. On the other hand I've heard that on some amps, the eq is just for cutting frequencies, so with your settings to 10, you get the full sound of your amp and you just cut the frequencies as needed
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    That's actually how I usually dial in amps. Most amps have a subtractive circuit which means that, essentially, the neutral point is with all settings on 10. And that dialing anything down only takes away frequencies. They never get boosted. So hovering around 12 o clock is pretty much a myth. What people should be doing is putting the settings on maximum, then dialing down the frequencies until they are satisfied with the tone.
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    As mentioned by some fellow member(s) above, a typical Marshall tone stack with all controls maxed out still scoops the mids: the notch frequency just shifts from approximatively 700hz to 400 hz (hardly lower than the mid frequency scooped by a typical Fender tone stack with all controls at noon). And paradoxically, the mid dip gets a tad deeper in this case, although it's hiden by the big boost of treble freq.

    On guitar amps with B(M)T controls, the only way to "neutralize" the EQ would be to put a jumper over the treble pot and cap then to cut any link between ground and mid pot (or resistor)... but the signal would get loud! This trick is evoked here and there by amp tweakers (see the "raw switch mod" explained By Rob Robinette, for example).

    Without such mods, the closest thing to a "neutral" (IOW: flat) EQing is actually achieved with BMT @ 0, 10 and 0 (totally lowered bass and treble, cranked mids). Except on Hiwatt's...

    Here is a useful tool allowing to check what happens in such situations:


    EDIT: B&T @ zero or 1/10 (and cranked up mid control if there's a mid pot) can give excellent overdriven tones with a VOX AC15 or a bright Fender amp.

    FWIW (just shared thoughts). :)
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