Dumble clone. Making progress with Cab...(I think)

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    I have 4 Cabs. 3 2X12s.

    1) Tone Tubby. Hempbomb Ceramic & Alnico.

    2) Lockard. GB & Vin30.

    3) Other boutique. 2 WGS Green Berets.

    4) Marshall 1960B. WGS Vet30/ET-65. This is the only Cab I can find usable sound from.

    Would I benefit getting EVM-12s in boutique Cab with old worn Green Berets? Its a LOT of $$. Sould I settle for my Marshall WGS Vet30/ET-65?

    I've struggled several years figuring out Amp's G-d given tone. I think I know what I'm doing. I do very well with several other boutiques. My board has Wampler Tumnus cascading into TONEBONE Classic.

    Can I go wrong with EVM-12s? I'm going to retry Tone Tubby. Hard to imagine I can't find a usable sound with that.
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    I have 3 2-12" cabs myself, and just did a lot of testing to try and get what I wanted. My favorite cab is my Carvin 2-12" with a V30 and a G12H-75 Creamback, seems to work great with everything. The std cab I have is a newer Peavey 2-12" with 2 25w Greenbacks, works well for Brit tones. (I think their better 2-12" cab would be better, extra deep and uses a V30 & G12H-75 CB) My last cab is very interesting, the cab is a Eminence 2-12" cab with WGS in it. I put a Retro30 and a ET65 in it and it's working great now, just needed a lot of break in to sound good. At first I didn't like them very much, way to harsh, but the more I use them the better they sound. They are very much a rock / metal set up but with Marshall sounds they work very good. With these 3 cabs I can get a lot of coverage in different ways. The EVM's are great for very loud cleans and if you like them they will last forever, big $ though. Carvin used to offer them as an upgrade but I still liked the Cel. mix better. Try one by itself and then try mixing it with others you like.
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    It took me awhile to like EVM12L's enough to buy one. The tipping point was an amp [Satellite Barracuda] into a buddy's 2x12 thiele that just made them standup and sing. Built a couple of TL806 cabs for portability with my 100 watt Marshall heads. Then a copy of a Zilla Fatbaby. Being a 'neutral' speaker you gotta EQ them differently than GB's [my wheelhouse speaker] but I like them just fine. They're more for high wattage + portability than tone, BTW.

    Finding the speaker to meet your tone requirements takes experimentation and dough if you don't have buddies with lots of speakers. The first thing I would do with your stable of cabs is pull a set of the WGS Vet30/ET-65's out of the 1960B and test them in each of your 2x12's to determine which CAB yields the tone you're looking for. If one of the cabs is the winner but you still aren't satisfied then break out the wallet.

    Rivera did a 16 or 20 speaker shootout [same iso cab & chord pattern and licks] and I found it useful to see how the speakers differed - this one brighter, that one more mids, that one dark - to give me a narrower field to choose from. I still went through 20+ models of speakers from 5 different mfgs to find what I like.

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    Your #1 is great, probably your best dB eminating with best tones.

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