DSL1HR- getting a clean line out without emulation

Discussion in 'The Workbench' started by Caffeinated, May 9, 2021.

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    Hi! So after a while I realised how dark the emulated output on my DSL1HR was - it was swapping in an Evo and PAFPro and finding unexpected mud that finally shoved that in my face and made me question everything else I was hearing from the amp’s headphone out.

    Assuming I keep the amp, what are my options? I already have an attenuator/loadbox if needed, but I’m trying to avoid a spaghetti solution here for simple practice setups. If I wanted to feed an IR box, how would I do that? The amp has a series FX loop so I guess I can use the send to do that. How does the internal load work? Does it need something in the headphone socket (or possibly speaker out) to engage the load? Is there a practical alteration to allow the load to be switched in without plugging or unplugging?
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    Not sure if this helps, but I've never had an emulated out sound best on any amp I've tried and the DSL is no better than others. There's a big difference with my DSL1HR from the emulated to the actual outs. Big.

    I'd recommend getting an audio interface and cab loader or such. It will "spaghetti mess" things, but you'll be a lot happier with the tone.
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    Amp speaker out --> loadbox
    Loadbox line level output --> either an IR box loader or DAW etc that you can load IRs with.

    You can also run from the FX send --> IR box or DAW. This will not have any power amp simulation so you would probably want to use an IR loader with power amp simulation or an IR which was created using tube power amps. You can find these kind of IRs at www.zombiecabs.com. They have many IRs that were made using a few different DSL power amp sections ex DSL 100, DSL 50 and DSL 20HR.
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