Did the decimal point slip here, and some?


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Jun 11, 2012
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JTM45 Headquarters
Just as a matter of interest, what would you vintage chaps consider a sensible price for something like this?
I'm assuming that it can only be the sum of the going rate for the NOS parts used and the fact that they are in a built copy amplifier doesn't really add value?
Very good question !

The transformers are worth alot by themselves. I agree with the sum of the parts cost. I would guess around $3-4k USD could be a realistic asking price.

There are many amp builder's selling this type of JTM45 replica with non RS Iron that are asking around the 3K USD range.

If I were to buy a replica I would prefer it to be more accurate like the @neikeel split front version here. That's just me :)
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Feb 12, 2014
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They are really nice amps. Mine uses a Marstran RS clone and has bedded in nicely. The cleans are really sweet and overdrive is smooth (Using NOS GE 6L6WGBs) My PT is the same Majestic one that Pleximaster uses in his amps. I do have a spare green one similar to the one in the amp in question, cost me less than £100.
Build cost for parts with head box etc will be £1000 (GBP).
The rest is up to seller!!
I would sell mine for $3k to a good home.

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