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Dec 24, 2020
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Great Les Paul Studio Deluxe. Guitar Center Exclusive.

No scribbled Les Paul logo on headstock, even though this is a 2015.
Nicely figured top.
Nicely figured one piece (?) back.
Vineham Whiskey Burner pickups, think Allman, Betts, Trucks, Gibbons, Skynyrd... and your in howitzer range.
Beautiful dark Rosewood fretboard.
Updated 50’s wiring. No PCB.

I think they did well on the Studio Deluxe models, they seem to have better, higher-grade wood in general.

This thing plays great and sounds amazimy. Vineham pickups are way underrated and seemingly not well known.

There are a few dings on this some were there when I bought it, some ”oh crap” from me. I will do my best to describe the dings and have tried to photograph them as best as I can.

On the back, looking at the guitar like a clock for us old timers:

Ding at a little after noon. It looks like it hit the corner of an amp or shelf. Not horrible.

Scuffs and some scratches between 5 and 6. My soldering iron is slippery. Again not horrible.

Scuffs lower bottom bout, where the guitar faces the floor while playing.

This has the g tuners, which are actually pretty cool. The battery charger and adapter is of course included. They do make string changing a breeze and changing tunings on-the-fly easy as well.

The pictures without pickup covers are the original pickups, which are not available.

The pricing will reflect my love for the Vineham pickups that are in it. I don’t know if all of his sets are there so good, believe they are, as I have a set of his Sweet ‘59s in another guitar and thy are stellar as well. Kinda hate to get rid of this set, but will do so. Pricing reflects options.

With Vineham’s: Was, $1,200, NOW, $845

Shipping $50

CONUS only. Thanks.

Payment by PayPal Friends and Family, or add 4% for PayPal fees. I have good feedback here and 100% positive on My Les Paul, Reverb and eBay.

Please PM with any questions and I will happily answer them.

Are ya sleepy yet from all this reading?!?


DB368A3E-08D8-47F7-B179-D8D11DE96D39.jpeg 252C1667-54A5-42B0-90BD-F777E7733C7B.jpeg 66D8792E-D818-43E4-911D-0B57FCE56FA1.jpeg 4965A545-4C23-4F1C-B150-C195F8E1BD81.jpeg 329F514A-AF25-4D99-BB99-00052D5FB4F2.jpeg E5C916DC-CF5A-4BB0-8DC4-9CC4FB0837B7.jpeg A120C949-AB59-4B18-A891-A1B3CAA469C4.jpeg B0B5E513-3B78-407C-870D-87655BA57E20.jpeg
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