Creamback pairing (H/M) for 2x12 with DSL20hr


Apr 30, 2021
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I've settled on loading creambacks into my closed back Avatar 212 for use with my DSL20hr

EDIT: I decided to order one M65 and one H75 and give the blended option a shot!

Now it's just a matter of H75/M65
or two of the same, either or.

Wondering what people's opinions on this are.

I'm currently using an H75 by itself in a little closed back Bugera 112, and it sounds pretty good, though I'd say a LITTLE bright, but not overly so. Just brighter than I'm used to, but it might just be a getting used to it thing. I've been using Texas Heats for so long my ears are conditioned to the darkness of them. But when I switch back to the Texas Heat after listening to the H75, the Texas Heats sound distant and dead to me. No life, no vibrancy. Very clear, just lacking in character and excitement, which the H75 definitely has.

So again, what should I expect from H/M vs H/H vs M/M with the DSL20hr? I'm thinking H/M could be a good thing... slightly more complex tone coming out of the cab. I also might appreciate a bit of high end roll off provided by the M65 vs two H75s blaring out their full range glory together.

Curious to hear what people think on this.
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