Condensing my rig with the NUX MG30


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May 3, 2018
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Well, the time has come to move out of my old home and make a change. My wife and I got the opportunity to purchase some land recently, so I decided to take the opportunity and condense my rig as much as possible. I kept the Marshall DSL40C, because of course I did. But I got rid of a Peavey XXL, a cheap bass amplifier, and a whole bunch of pedals. In their place is a new NUX MG30 multi-effects and modeling unit.


I've always kinda thought of NUX as being a cheap Chinese clone brand, but clearly, they're working on changing that image, because this is a quality piece of gear. Solid metal construction with solid, clicky metal knobs and jacks, metal treadle with a thick rough texture on the surface, and quiet but satisfyingly clicky metal footswitches. It also *gasp* came with a power adapter! And *double gasp* with a USB-C cable! And *triple gasp* a metal two-button footswitch! As an owner of a Boss GT-1 that I primarily use for acoustic guitar DI, I can tell you now that buying all those accessories will actually put the GT-1 over the price of the NUX, despite the NUX being a superior piece of gear in every conceivable way.

I was at first a little curious why they didn't just add a couple of switches to the unit itself, a la the Line 6 Pod Go instead of packing in a 2-button switch that can be connected externally, but then it hit me - this is the perfect unit to use on a desk, and having the ability to control the unit with a footswitch while keeping the unit on a desk is pretty darn brilliant.

I've yet to dive into every feature of this thing, but my main draw was the effects loop that can be put anywhere in the digital chain. I'm running this into my DSL40C via the four cable method with a pre-eq trimming some of the highs and the patch defaulting to a simple noise gate and a tube screamer model hitting the front end, with a digital delay and Neunaber-style reverb accessible by foot switch after the loop. It sounds, in a word, fantastic - pleasantly crunchy on the "Crunch" channel and tight and aggressive on the "Lead 2" channel, and downright cavernous with the delay and reverb turned on.

I haven't had tried any of the amp models or IR cabinets direct into an interface yet, but just running into the return of my amp, I can say that I was impressed with the way they sounded. I'm curious to try the selection of Eminence IR cabs included in the most recent firmware update.

There are a lot of options and features and navigation is a little tricky compared to something like the Headrush MX5. But having tried that unit with my DSL40C ahead of buying the NUX, I have to say... I think the NUX is every bit the MX5's equal in terms of sound quality. The NUX doesn't have a huge selection of amps and effects, but I think I kinda like that - it's doesn't overwhelm me and tempt me to spot the differences between 18 different identical-sounding delays. It seems very good at giving me what I need to make the sounds I want. It's clear NUX was going for limited quantity but excellent quality - something a lot of manufacturers could stand to learn themselves.

Anyway, despite selling off some gear I truly love, I feel pretty confident that the NUX unit will keep both me and my amp wonderful company as we move. Hopefully it will inspire me with a whole host of new sounds while also keeping the fiddling of knobs to a relative minimum. More to come as I learn all the ins and outs of this thing. :thumb:


Mar 14, 2020
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No kidding. The rest was easy but the XXL was hard to let go. Still, I see it as an opportunity to try to find an XXL head down the line and hook it up to a good cabinet one day when I’ve got the space for it.

My mistake - I thought the XXL was part of the "old" bass amp portion. :ugh:


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Jun 16, 2020
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Nice catch, looks like a cute piece of kit! I've had a couple of NUX devices myself (still have the Tubescreamer clone) - not disappointed. I was expecting some full blown half baked tinfoil Chinese wobbly rubbish, but the stuff I used was perfectly reliable, giggable (gig-able?). Never tried anything of theirs as fancy and complex as the MG30, but please - keep us posted on how it holds up down the line! :thumb:


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Nov 9, 2021
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Congrats on the new toy!

I bought a Nux Cerberus a few years ago. Used it live a handful of times. Super solid piece of gear. Still gets used at least weekly at home.

On average, my experiences with NUX has shown they're a step or two above the other 'cheap Chinese clone pedal makers' like mooer or Donner (that said, I have a couple mooer pieces that look and feel like cheap pieces of crap, but sound pretty good).

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