CODE: 25 vs 50

Discussion in 'Marshall Amps' started by crossroadsnyc, Feb 13, 2016.

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    A CODE thread!!! Nice.

    Hello Antmax.

    Long time no chat.

    Here's what I'm doing early next year (CODE50):


    Much as I love my amps. (as you know): of late I'm finding I just cannot get enough mids. (am after a very specific tone which I just cannot get even with an EQ pedal up front or in my "effects loop" unfortunately).

    If that doesn't work then apparently I need to ditch the lot and go out and buy a few JCM800 full stacks!!! LOL!!! (Figured it was worth trying to mod. the CODE50s first!!! LOL!!!).


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    Brit in California
    Yeah, If you don't have a smallish versatile tube amp at hand the Code is ok. But if you have other really good amps without EQ problems like I do, then your probably going to end up playing those other amps a lot more.

    The 50 is so frugal on parts, if it ran without the power amp and the front panel wasn't so long, you could probably just about squeeze it into the CODE 4 button footswitch lol. I wish they would make a CODE effects board that you could just plug into your amp or powered speakers as a fun effects unit. These days, if I use my code at all, it's usually as a preamp into the effects loop of something else.

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