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    I get sent a lot of old Celestion 12" frames to recone. Most of the time it's just the usual poor workmanship, wrong cones, wrong voice coils (metal/aluminum/etc) that melted or deformed, and just about anything stupid you can think of.

    But I just received a G12M 16 ohm T1221 25w pre rola from 1970 (BC12). The buyer sent it to me as an old recone gone bad, it always sounded like A$$ the seller said.

    So it arrives, and sure enough, someone has tried to repair the original voice coil and put a new cone & dust cap on it. What got me laughing was just how badly they screwed up.

    Our first issue is that there should be only one suspension spider in a Celestion, not two.

    Our second "What the hell were you thinking?" is applying the glue. No you don't coat the entire top of the dust cap with your sticky black doping, but more importantly, if you're going to do that try not to drip so much in between the voice coil and the pole piece that you leave a nice glob of hardened super glue that oozes through the voice coil former, forms a big black glue drop and causes voice coil rub immediately with the voice coil scraping.


    You should be able to see some light through the dust cap, but with all the gooey black doping they put on it, it just looks like ink.

    This client loves to buy old frames, and send them to me for reconing. I guess he just likes testing me. Sometimes it's hilarious. Just thought I'd share.
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    Amp repair, open heart surgery and reconing best left to smarter people than me!

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