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    Then I'll use it all! Muwahahahahahaha!!!!!

    Oh man the things I do when Ihave an extra day off. Haven't hooked it all up yet but I will want for nothing. Pretty much all my favorites..well except my Sparkle Drive, and my Ricochet, and my Freqout and my...BAH!

    Can't really tell by the pic but the pedals are on a Ultimate Support Generation board with a 8 port power supply. the G3 and the GP-10 are raised.

    Scuse the mess. After all it is in my "Jam Hut"

    Helix LT handles direct guitar stuff
    G3 handles POST FX to amp
    GP-10 handles synths and acoustics, some with alt tunings Direct
    Vintage tube Monster has the High Gain Marshall stuff covered
    TS7 to boost the VTM and/or the Bad Monkey
    Bad Monkey for Low/Mid gain tones
    White Heat Mixing Boost for global clean boost

    I copied this from TGP. I didn't want to leave out my MF brethren LOL.

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