Boston 1959

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    I hadn't heard that part, so maybe it was a combination of things that pushed him over the edge.
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    I-55 Corridor
    The solo on Long Time , Barry ....

    The Fran Sheehan interview I posted earlier lays it out ,from the inside of Boston
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    Interesting vid - the guy feeling his way!
    He did not have a schem with him or he would have known the green 0.1uF 400v on PI tail was original, that it was a 6550 amp (15k pre-diode resistor, 150k grid leaks) originally. Diodes were replacements.
    Sounded good when goosed tho’.
    I remember we played More than a Feeling as the handful of songs we played in my first band at school!
    Sad to hear of Scholz and his Primadonna antics.
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    I think its a possibility!
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    The 70s are over. He only had one good record in him. He's now a nobody like the rest of us, and I know many people who have made more good albums than him anyway, just don't have the labels to make them huge. Good fo
    The 70s are over. He only had one good record in him. He's now a nobody like the rest of us, and I know many people who have made more good albums than him anyway, just don't have the labels to make them huge. Good for you and your friends for standing up to his nobody manager too.
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    san francisco, ca
    nice video! watched the whole thing through. the singer (can’t remember his name) is hitting the notes, the rhythm guitar (can’t remember his name, either) is hitting all the backup vocals, and plays a mean guitar. sounds like he has his tone nob pushed way back…
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    I interviewed Tom at length on their first tour after the debut release and found him to be one of the most open and honest guys I interviewed in the 10+ years I was writing for a living, volunteering information most managers would never want you to know. He had no problem describing in detail how the first record was made, the reasons for the delays , laughing off the ' better music through science ' tag that he was getting hit with, etc.. What probably soured him was the law suit with CBS which declined to release the third album he presented. When that happens, the label freezes all royalties, advances and your career is on ice. His band mates were pressing him to tour as they had no income and weren't much support. As an MIT grad and former engineer for Polaroid, he started devoting his efforts to creating electronics and could live off the proceeds of that and just wait out CBS. He didn't need rock and roll. Then came the divorce, the law suit by Brad's widow which took years, the newspaper slander law suit etc.. I'm not surprised if he's a bit jaded now - I've seen a number of people in the entertainment world get chewed up by those around them. If you survive, you're not the same. Oh BTW, on that first tour ? Brad couldn't hit the high notes to save his life.
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    I knew there was back story to the delay of their third album that wasn't really widely known.

    It just never made sense that you'd delay the release of a third album by over a decade when anybody knows that musical trends move quickly and now is never too soon to get busy on making a new release. The notion that Tom spent a decade just sitting there tweaking, tuning, recording, mixing, and editing master tapes until the third album was utterly perfect never made sense to me. Yet that was what seemed to be offered as a reason. But now it made sense, with the CBS lawsuit I never had heard about before. Well, that is one way to deny royalties to your record company....just stop the release of a new album.

    In terms of tone, no doubt the Scholz rockman tone is iconic. I used to even have a Rockman X100 and it's stunning what those things bring today. I wish I had not traded mine off many years ago.

    But I have always thought that the problem with the Rockman tone is with its EQ curve. Too midrangey, not enough bass and treble to give it that earth-to-sky giant tone I have always sought out.

    Many years ago when the Rockman modular amp was new in the music stores, I played with one of their demo rigs and by judicious adjustment of the EQ module (11 band, I think it was?) I got a pretty huge tone out of it. I probably would have bought essential parts of the system at that time if I'd had any money.
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    I had the Rockman Distortion Generator 1/2 space rack unit when it was released and I ended up putting it into the loop out (to use the tube power section) of a Laney head I had at the time. I used a GE7 in front of it to do the same thing as you said regarding a bigger tone. Otherwise it sounded like a much more tweakable but equally "small and distant" normal Rockman unit.


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