Boogie 2C+ meets Soldano SLO . .

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    Here is my latest project, which is a take on those two iconic amps. I am going for the Lead channels only from these classics. Really bummed at myself for not buying me a Mark series amp back when I had dough and bought all the other Marshalls, Fenders ect. I am still GAS'ing big time for a Mark IV and/or a Mark V. That new JP2C is tempting GAS as well big time.

    And then of course, I always wanted a Soldano SLO, but just did not want to spend that much money on an amp head lol. I actually lost my GAS for an SLO many years ago. I heard a guitarist play a Soldano SLO in a band that opened up for my band many years ago, and honestly I was not impressed with his tone that night. He played a Gibson Les Paul into his Soldano SLO. He might not have had the amp dialed in to how I would have liked though lol. Odd, as I remember it being very muddy and fizzy too.

    It's a quick clip I made last night of the amp project. Playing my Super Strat into my Heritage Greenback M20 2X12. Volume is low and you will hear me talking calling out the channels and the EQ on/off on the Boogie side.

    2C+ side still does not have that 10pF/3.3M bridge feedback loop installed. I do not gave plans for switching over to the Fender clean layout, so I am still experimenting with that positive feedback loop. I might put it on a switch and then maybe have a 2C+/2C++ option as well, or might get a wild hair and try to make that channel have a Clean mode.

    Thinking about adding a mode switch on that SLO side that will switch it into a Splawn Quickrod High Gear stage lol. Yeah do not own or ever heard a Quickrod either.

    Boogie side Vol I was 7 then Vol II or Lead Drive was 7. Lead Master barely on past 1 and master volume was just cracked at that glitch spot where the volume jumps from off to almost loud lol.

    SLO side gain was at 5. MV set low.

    With the EQ, these two circuits can sound quite similar. But there is a difference in the upper midrange snarl for sure. And the 2C+ circuit as this honk in the mids that can be cool or it can be annoying, depending on how you dial it in.

    My phone is having worst issues than I had thought. The volume is not too distorted, but then the amp volume was just over talking/conversation level. My phone volume is swelling up and down, so that is not the amp lol.

    So most importantly, I have never played a real authentic Boogie 2C+ or a Soldano SLO, so I have no idea how close my project is really. And this has some differences, mainly in the loop area. A few other differences and some thing to still iron out as well. But I would like to hear feedback from anyone. But mainly looking for anyone that has played or owns these amps, can let me know how this stacks up. Just a crappy phone clip, but the amps character and attitude came though somewhat for a low volume bad phone recording . . . .

    To Moderators: If this is in the wrong section of the forum, please move it. Maybe it needs to be in the Building the Classics section??

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    Sounds cool, both channels. Try to make some good recordings! :)
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