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    I came across an Axl Belair guitar.

    I found a used orange one for $400.00.

    The body & neck are made in China.

    It's assembled in California.

    I think these guys are being honest where the guitars start from.............hear that Duesenberg? (that's another demo story).

    Kluson tuners; B5 Trem; TV Jones p/u with coil tap; Tone Pros bridge; Tusk nut; CTS pots are the hardware that seems to make this presentable.

    IMO, I don't care where a guitar is made as long as it's good and adjustable.

    I've come across some expensive Gibson ES 335's that you can shoot an arrow from the neck and it was uber expensive ($2999.99).

    BTW, the guitar in some of the videos does go out of tune with Bigsby or not.

    I'm a stickler for being in tune.

    A lot of demo videos are guitars out of tune.

    I think it's more of the players ears.

    I'm a fan of TV Jones p/u's, so I'm biased.

    Boutique features on an Asian chassis.

    Like I said, I don't care where it's made.

    Do I need another axe?

    Any feedback?
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