All in the family - Jamming w/Wives & Others, do you?


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Jul 25, 2015
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Floating around TN in Marshall Heaven
After my divorce my son started taking rock and jazz drumming lessons at 11. He hit 12 and said [I was ampless and broke] 'Dad, if you had an amp we could jam.' Of course I HAD to make that happen and we spent the next six years jamming, mostly at his momma's when she was at church. One shining moment was when she texted while we were playing to say the next door neighbor said to turn the AC/DC up.

One time he, my mom [after I taught her 12 bar on the piano - no sheet music] and I got to jam at Thanksgiving - absolutely awesome.

She and I still jam when I see her as I left a Marshall and guitar at her house. I have high hopes for my son in the future.


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