Albion TCT 35

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    Had this on the workbench today.

    I remember these coming out a few years ago they were a valve amp at a very reasonable price. As far as I know they are no longer being made.

    anyways, opening this up and clearly whoever built these wasn’t doing so in good practice. Riddled with Bad solder joints.

    The resistor leads in the power section are all bent over and making contact with the capacitor cans. Easy enough fix. This can definitely cause shorts.

    But the parts used to build this is of majorly poor quality. I’ve never seen tube sockets this cheap before. They are very loose and soldered very poorly. I’m talking with the owner to see if he wants me to replace the sockets. All the sockets are pop riveted to the chassis. Don’t even get me started on the lead dress.

    after determining it had a bad preamp tube and extremely cold bias it sounds ok. Much better than when I brought it in. But I wouldn’t pay $700 like I see on reverb for one of these units.

    just my .02

    what do you think of these amps?

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    They sounded decent, I guess...poor QC made in China. Seems like they skimped on a lot.

    Good looking though...like the wife would likely let you keep it in the living room, but what does that count for considering the low quality/reliabilty? Kind of reminds me of Bugera in that respect.

    And I'm no amp tech but even I can clearly see what you mean.
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