6v6 and el34 dsl20hr question.

Discussion in 'The Workbench' started by Brek, May 22, 2021.

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    Done a bit of reading on the subject. A lot of the hits in google were from yonks ago so thought i'd check what the meta is these days. I have a 2021 dsl20hr, which at 20 watts doesn't really push the el34 tube, am i right in that conclusion? So given the 6v6 is lower power, would it give me more of the power tube working harder effect at lower volumes? From what i have read I will state i understand a lot of the sound of this kind of amp comes from the pre amp.

    So, as i have a matched pair of jj 6v6's i was wondering if they can be used with this amp without stressing or damaging components.

    I have also read that to do so i would need to use the speaker out that is half the actual speaker load. I.e. 16ohm speaker plugged into 8ohm socket. I understand also the sound of the tube is different, less lows, not as tight, a different midrange emphasis and highs are smoother is what i have read.
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    It’s incorrect to equate overdriving a valve stage with pushing or exceeding that valve’s limiting value/s.
    The EL34s in that amp should be able to be heavily overdriven for many, many hours of use, moreso than valves in circuits that put their limiting values under stress.
    Surely long valve life should be perceived as being a good thing, rather than mods being implemented to purposely reduce it?
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    Would a good overdrive pedal be a much easier solution? Example, i have a 1987X, a Plexi 50w and a few Rockcrushers. Even with an attenuator and the ability to crank this thing as loud as i want it still sounds better with the OD and keeping the volume down a bit than trying to clip the power amp. I don't buy into this fable that the really good tones only come from power amp distortion, to my ears a Marshall with a clipping power amp sounds worse than a bad Peavey.
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    I just have to say that you are one in only a few that find the sound of a pushed/clipping Marshall output section unpleasant. You must not enjoy the sound of classic rock. I’m really surprised, I thought everyone here liked a cranked Plexi. Sorry

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