50 Years Of Deep Purple - Made In Japan


Dec 7, 2021
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Italy - Lombardia
Well Yes .... It's 50 years old.
Half a century ... from those three immortal concerts marked by that unique, magical astral combination that has upset the lives of many and that has remained within generations of people, even now.
There are 50 from the Concerts in Japan that gave life to the greatest Live Album in the history of Rock.
The absolute.
Unique, a ride of blood, sweat and passion and notes.

.... and to me the best sound of a Stratocaster in a Marshall Stack ever

The Swan Song of the Mk. II which will keep humanly for about 50 days, but there it burns all its diesel in a single explosion that will mark the history of music.
It is the record that I would take to a desert island and the record that I would like friends and loved ones to play at a toast / aperitif after my funeral.
It is the record of youthful fury, the record of hopes, the record of life. The record I would like at my death.
It's simply
Deep Purple - MADE IN JAPAN (Double Album Live 15-16-17.08.1972)


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Oct 2, 2021
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It is the record that I would take to a desert island and the record that I would like friends and loved ones to play at a toast / aperitif after my funeral.
I feel the same. I was born in a completely different decade, when that Album already was a relic of the past, but when I first heard it, my life changed. In a Time, when many people around me listen to the latest pop an (c)rap exclusively, I often get peculiar looks when I listen to music that is subsequently older than me.
But today, me and my whole neighborhood will celebrate the anniversary, for shure.

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Aug 2, 2012
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I was 5, in '72... I was listening to that album early on, as my older brother got it shortly after it came out...

At around 5, I was choosing my own music. I was influenced by that British music coming out, whether it be Purple, Sabbath, or Zep. That live version of Smoke on the Water was played 1,000s of x's throughout my childhood...

That double LP (vinyl) got played to death.

Too bad they botched the initial CD pressings...

I'd like to hear an original reel-to-reel of those, or a hi-res from the master w/o all the filtering they did on the CD.


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Oct 11, 2011
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Although it's not my personal fave Deep Purple Live album*, it is certainly the most celebrated and rightfully so- it's a legendary performance. I was a DP fan long before I started playing guitar- Ritchie influenced me subconsciously while I was still playing on a badminton racket and an old no name MIJ Telecaster with no strings or bridge..:lol:

* That's a tie between Made in Europe or In Concert (1970)

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