2x12 Cab Considerations for A Marshall Virgin

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    I had a Sourmash model 1936 2 x 12" with Celestion G12M-65 it sounded like a 4 x 12 with G12M-25 Greenbacks. It sounded great with my 2204 I let someone "borrow" it and they liked it so much they never brought it back.
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    I've had a vintage Marshall 50 watt JCM 800 for years which I've been running into a same era 4x12" Marshall slant cab. I've always been really happy with the sound but was really surprised when I plugged it into an ORANGE 2x12 closed back for recording. Might have sounded a touch better than the Marshall quad which has G12T75 speakers. I think the Orange has vintage 30's. Really suited the 50 watt head. I was really impressed with the ORANGE 2x12, fairly heavy for a two speaker box, lots of wood and lots of guts.
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