2061x And Jtm45??

Discussion in 'Marshall Amps' started by MasGood, Oct 26, 2016.

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    Hi there and thank you all for your thoughts on this! I have a 2061x that I truly love but I have been looking at the JTM45 2245s and I am getting tempted to pull the trigger for one but I have read that they both sound very similar in some ways so I don't want to buy another amp that will sound exactly or too close to one that I already own, so I guess that I would like to get some opinions on this and see if it is really worth it form me to get a JTM or if it would sound to close to what I already have? I am looking to add another amp that can give me that vintage sound I really crave. Also will the JTM45 sound good in a standard 1960a cab??
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    Looking for something I don't remember what.
    I would recommend the Vintage Modern in your situation. Still a KT66 power amp (like the JTM45), but has an extra gain stage to give you a hot rodded JTM that will give you different tones. I have both VM's and a 2061x, they are both very Marshall while being different enough that I use both.
    Only issue is the Vintage Modern range is now discontinued, so you will have to find a used one for sale. The good news is you can pick them up cheap because some folks can't fathom how to use the "body" and "detail" controls. I think it's the best range of amps Marshall has made in the last 30 years.
    If you go for a 2266c combo you will also have a 2 x 12 cab with Greenbacks in to use with your 2061x, to give you even more options. :thumbs:
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    2061 and JTM45 are way different IMO....go for it. There will be enough tonal differentiation to justify it.
    YOLO so get it and rock it. If you decide it is redundant, you can ALWAYs find a buyer for a classic tube Marshall.

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