1. Mick6strings

    YJM100 Footswitch discontinued - Alternative replacement footswitch solution

    Hi everyone. Here's one for all the YJM100 owners out there. Just thought I'd share my findings on alternatives to the YJM100 footswitch, which unfortunately has been discontinued, so if you happen to own or buy a YJM100 head without the original footswitch, you're going to have a hard time...
  2. wonderingape

    YJM100 distortion, preamp or power amp?

    Where did the high gain distortion of YJM100 mainly comes from? Is it from the preamp or power amp? How about if we activated the gain boost from the behind of the amp?
  3. vintagechime


    DELETE PLS - FOUND, Thx. Hi guys, If any of you have the original 4-button YJM-100 foot switch or footswitch / foot controller on hand, pls reach out to me, thank you :)