1. V

    Your favorite mods for taming JTM-45 / JTM-45/100 bass response

    Hi folks, after a big amp searching spree i have gone full circle back to the bass spec Marshalls as my favorite amps. I have a JTM 45/100 clone and JTM45 clone. I feel like the only thing keeping these amps back from being perfect is the overly big low end. On my JTM45 clone i have split the...
  2. Eddylenz

    1972 Super Lead with special Jose Mod

    Hi Guys, It's been a while! I finally got around to recording some new amps. This is my personal 1972 Marshall Super Lead that I got myself for Christmas last year. I was specifically looking for a 70-73 Super Lead for a while because I'm a huge Joe Holmes fan and his Jose are from that time...
  3. V-man

    Marshall Master Volume MV vs Marshall Non Master NMV w Cascade Gain Mod.

    From a technical standpoint I am wondering which has more gain in practical terms, (if either) between a Master Volume Marshall with cascade gain integral to the circuit (2203/4) and a Non Master Volume Marshall with the Cascade Gain Mod added to it (1987/1959/1959RR) I have both, but one is a...
  4. Entropia Amplification

    Laney GH50L rebuilt/mod

    We completely gutted GH50L, then we put into it our preamp circuit, furthermore we brought in extra features: - presence control with selectable frequency - mid-shift - variable feedback - poweramp limiter - all tube footswitchable series FX loop with both send and return level adjustment Share...
  5. Michael Inglis

    Marshall DSL100HR Choke Mod, My Thoughts... (With Pictures)

    EDIT: In this post I used "the feel of a Class A amp" as an example in a way which was incorrect and at the very least misleading. This was kindly pointed out to me below with some links to the correct information regarding Class A as well as Class AB amps including clarification on Push Pull...
  6. Michael Inglis

    About to add a Hammond Filter Choke to DSL100HR 3H or 5H which do you prefer?

    So I would have done this sooner but I wanted to wait out the majority of the warranty. From what I gather the 3 Henry 250ma (194G) is more modern sounding/feeling. I dont know if I'm going to prefer a choke either so I'll save the resistor and actually remove the leads, I do A LOT of soldering...
  7. SixStringSting628

    1987 JCM800 2210 Mystery Mod

    Hello all, just got an amazing 1987 JCM800 2210 today and noticed that there’s a pot where the DI Out jack used to be. Also the DI level knob seems to cut out some low end when turned all the way down. Maybe that knob was turned into a Resonance knob? The pot where the DI jack used to be doesn’t...
  8. SixStringSting628

    JCM800/900 NFB Resistor composition and wattage question

    I’m gonna be swapping out the 27k NFB resistor in my 2100 MKIII for a 100k resistor. I’m just trying to find out which resistor composition and wattage Marshall uses for the NFB’s. Thanks.
  9. Troy B.

    4140 Club & Country Lifeson Mods

    As many of you know, Alex Lifeson used these amps extensively in the early to mid 80s. On Moving Pictures and the following tour, he used a pair of them alongside Hiwatts, Signals was ALL Marshall 4140s, Grace Under Pressure was all 4140s (with some Rockman blended in), and even though he began...
  10. MarkThegreat

    Peavey Windsor Plexi-ish HELP!

    Hey,I am owner of a Windsor.Not so happy face. I wanted to mod it,so that it sounded more in line with a JMP Super Lead. This would be the first stepp,if this more or less works out fine,I am gonna add Zener Clipping,a switch for pre and post eq master,a bassresponse switch like on like on a...
  11. Eddylenz

    Marshall Super Bass High Gain Rebuild

    Hi Everyone, Finally finished this high gain rebuild. The amp wasn't in good shape when it arrived, it needed a new mains transformer, new power tube sockets, and new pots, so I decided to just remove everything except for the PT and choke. I installed a new Tube Town Mains Transformer, which...
  12. Eddylenz

    '76 Marshall JMP 2203 with Custom High Gain Mod

    Hi Everyone, I just finished modding this amp with a custom 4 stage non-cf high gain mod. It's based on the gain channel of my 2 channel prototype, but I've tweaked it for a long time. It also has a tube fx loop. There's a bass shift switch on the bass pot, a mid voicing switch on the gain...
  13. Eddylenz


    Bogner modded Marshall by Eddylenz posted Feb 26, 2021 at 9:33 AM Bogner modded Marshall back by Eddylenz posted Feb 26, 2021 at 9:34 AM I'm looking to trade my Bogner modded Marshall for another Bogner modded one, or maybe a different 80s modded Marshall ala Morin, Jose, Caswell... PM me if...
  14. Eddylenz

    "Slightly" modified Marshall JCM800 2203

    Hi Everyone, After putting it up for a long time, I finally rebuilt my 2.5 channel prototype. I removed everything and put in a big turret board, and 12V DC supply. It started as a crazy idea to rebuild the amp to have two separate channels with all controls being at the front. Back then, I...
  15. Eddylenz

    MGL 50 with High Gain Mod (2204 Clone)

    Hi Everyone, I recently got the chance to work on an MGL 50 and I basically rebuilt the whole preamp with my own Arcturus circuit. Compared to my older Arcturus, I've added two new switches. 1. Gain reduction switch that lets you choose between my original Arcturus circuit with tons of gain...
  16. SuperbassT

    Marshall Super Bass 1992 -69

    Hi there fellow Marshallists I've been lurking around on this forum quite a bit, but this is my first post. Regarding my super bass. I have a question about the orginality of my amp. I got this amp 1 year ago, I live in sweden and my amp had been modded back in the days by the swedish Marshall...
  17. Eddylenz

    Mathias Dieth (U.D.O.) Steavens modded JCM800

    Hi Everyone, A few weeks ago, I saw that Mathias was selling this amp, which he used on U.D.O.'s Timebomb and live. As a big fan of his work in Gravestone, Sinner, and U.D.O., I just had to buy it. The amp has a clean, crunch, and lead channel, plus a boost for the gain channels and a...
  18. Eddylenz

    Jose Arredondo/Joe Holmes Rabbit Hole Marshall 1987S

    After watching a Joe Holmes warmup video on my Facebook feed, I got completely hooked again and ripped the guts out of this 1987S and put in a full Jose mod. I tweaked it for a while and tried to get as close as possible to the Joe Holmes 90s live sound and his Farmikos sound, which is the same...
  19. Rory.B.Bellows

    Midi Mod for jcm2000 tsl100

    hi guys i have a Behringer FCB1010 Foot Controller and i want to use it to change the channels on my tsl100 head! is there a mod out there to make the tsl100 midi controllable? this possible??
  20. 404recording

    Modded 1973 100W Super Lead Questions

    I have a question regarding my modded Marshall 100w Super Lead from 1973. It has a master volume mod done to one of the speaker outputs but I think there might be more mods done to it as well. The 3 switches on the front - Power, Standby, and Polarity are all 3 way DPDT switches. Turning the...