1. Thierry Huguenin

    JVM 410 H no sound problem (again)

    HI, I would like to know if anybody experienced a similar problem - and perhaps has an advice for me. My JVM 410 head (6 years old) had already a big noise problem (strange crash noise when you play) two years ago. Local repair music store solved by changing Marshall tubes with JJ. Last week...
  2. A

    Speaker upgrade for Marshall Valvestate S80 8240

    Hi guys, i recently adquired a Marshall Valvestate S80 8240 combo amp. I´m happy with my purchase and I´ve been using the amp with my Boss GT-100, which has been fun. I noticed than the clean tone of the amp has a sound that i don´t like when the mid control is at 12 o´clock. Sounds kinda honky...
  3. Mark Woolrich

    Marshall, 1978 JMP 2204. Cap Missing

    Marshall, 1978, JMP, 2204 My amplifier is not sounding as good as it used to. I’m just doing a visual here. Wondering why there is a cap missing next to the other cap with silicon on it ? Did a blowout blow away burn up I’m not sure
  4. Salty Rose

    An Amplifier Story

    Parental Advisory: Warning: Tone Master content.
  5. T

    1972 oversized 1x12 Cab

    hello, does anybody know what model this cab is and what the stock speaker was ? no corner protection plastic handles 4x12 cab size front loaded thanks
  6. M

    Marshall tube amp for home

    Hi everyone, New here. I am aware that this must have been discussed before and I have seen a few threads, but found varying opinions on this matter (which confused me even more, to be honest), so would like to get some advice. I am looking for a Marshall tube amp for home-playing only...
  7. C

    71 JMP 50 My findings on jumpered / aby box / solo boost / cleans

    if you are reading this i'm sure one of these things apply to you. I play in a Dropkick/Flogging Molly type band. We have accordion, organ , banjo ,and mandolin. We also cover a large song set when we do our in house gig where we host at the pub for 4 hours. Well I have painstakingly...
  8. L

    JVM 410H Possible Impedance Mismatch

    Hi everyone! This one has made me ruminate for a few days: I recently played a gig with my 100W Marshall JVM 410 Head connected to a classic 4x12 cabinet (possibly a 1960 A, 300W). The output of the amp was 16Ω but I swear I cannot remember if I plugged it in the right cab input. If not, that...
  9. T

    New to me Dsl 100H I can't hear the reverb at all.

    So I just got a used DSL 100H shipped to me and I tried it out. I can't hear any reverb at all. I feel like I would at least hear it a tiny bit but man i cant hear nothing on any channel. I'm just wondering if something is wrong with the amp its3elf. Or is the reverb non existent. how...
  10. D

    Snubber Caps Question

    I have a 50w 1971 jmp lead that i am replacing filter caps and bias caps and i also noted it has these 2 caps of the attached pic. I was curious if would be better to replace them as well and did some research. Have read that it would be better to simple get rid of them as if it was a marshall...
  11. WhiteRam

    SOLD !! Marshall 1960BC Classic Unloaded 4X12 Cabinet! Bedroom Queen!

    Marshall 1960BC Classic Unloaded 4X12 Straight Cabinet! Bedroom Queen! They made these in 2002 & 2003 only, This one was made in 2002. I am the original owner for 20 years and its never left my home and always covered. The cabinet is rare, especially in this condition, it was made with a plywood...
  12. d3vCr0w

    Can the Marshall JCM 800 2210 be used as a 50-watt head with only two power tubes?

    Hi people, hope y'all doing great. I was wondering if a Marshall JCM 800 2210 can be used with only two power tubes and if so which ones are to be removed? Has anyone done it? And is there a risk to blow the remaining two tubes from over-current?
  13. ckaudio

    SV20 - Bright Cap Mod is Worth it

    Hi all - I’ve been a Studio Vintage SV20 owner for a couple of years now. While I quite love the amp I’ve never truly been able to love the bright channel as much as I’d like to. I felt like the normal channel was too dark and the bright channel was too bright, and when cranking the bright...
  14. M

    The Class 5 is a wonderful little amplifier

    Well, isn't it? I'm just showing some love for an amp that doesn't get much affection or attention. Have you played one? Better yet - do you own one? If so, what do you love about yours? I picked up a Class 5 head recently and I adore it. It's simple, sounds splendid with a Strat and stands...
  15. sectado

    What about this tone?? Marshall Jcm 800 2204 and Les Paul! (zero amp simulator)

    Hi!! i was el audioengineer of this band Deseo Irreal and they used my Marshall Jcm 800 2204 with my marshall cab 1936 but with celestion creamback and greenback!! They used two epiphone Standard Modified with Seymour Duncan Jb (Bridge) and Alnico Pro II (Neck) and the other with two alnico pro...
  16. L

    For Sale: Marshall Valvestate AVT275 2000 Combo Amplifier 2x12"

    OPEN TO OFFERS! Here I have an amazing sounding Marshall Valvestate AVT275 2000 combo amplifier. Gumtree: Ad ID: 1441778945 Facebook: Please ask for link! It has: - Valve pre-amp - 2x12" speakers (not sure exact spec) - Many digital FX to choose from - Channels include Acoustic Simulator...
  17. M

    Marshall JCM2000 TSL122 / 100 Static Noise Clean Channel Only

    Hi, My first post here, but I have got many great tips from here over the years and fixed up my own TSL100 Head from this Forum. Currently I am fixing up a TSL122 for a friend that somebody had spilled a drink into while he was doing a bar gig, and I am seeing a strange issue. There is noise...
  18. El Dunco

    Your bands songs featuring Marshall.

    Apologies if this isn’t the right sub if it counts as a plug but I thought it might be cool for those of us in bands with music released to share songs that prominently feature Marshall amps. I’ll start. This is my band’s most recent single, it was published on a compilation by Nuclear Blast...
  19. B

    [Solved] 90’s Marshall JCM 900 not working after insanely loud beep.

    Before I’ll explain what happened, here is the back story. I recently bought a Marshall JCM 900 from the 90’s modified by Kruse. When I tested it out the amplifier worked perfectly, so I bought it. Trying to find a good cabinet to pair it with I stumbled on the Mesa Boogie 2x12 cabinet. After...
  20. d3vCr0w

    Does replacing parts such as corners, vent, handle and rivets decrease an amp's value?

    Hello, I have a 1988 JCM 800 2210 and I'm thinking about replacing some parts such as corners, vent, handle, rivets and also preamp sockets (for Belton Micalex ones), does replacing these parts decrease the amplifier's value? I'm getting the parts from, here are some links: -...