marshall amp

  1. T

    When I power on my Marshall MG30FX amp in clean mode I get the Chorus effect even when FX is turned off

    I purchased a Marshall MG30FX amp (Serial Number V011AA674U) from Musician's Friend. When I power on the amp In clean mode I get the Chorus effect even when FX is turned off. I returned the amp to Musicians Friend and got a replacement. Same problem. Eventually, I discovered that turning the FX...
  2. Geeze

    Union Jack cab musings

    I'm like the Metalica song 'Bad Seed' AKA 'Me again. Me!' I just won't go away. After picking up a load of wood yesterday I'm contemplating what I should be doing with all of the woody treasure I have in the shop. New head shell came to mind then all of the iterations I've done over the...
  3. paul-e-mann

    Whats The Best JCM900

    And why...
  4. J

    Marshall origin 20c, can it do it all? Does it takes worship music ?

    Hi, guys. Im new in the forum and i've been searching about that amp (Marshall origin 20c). I've found an oportunity to get that amp in an afodable price for me, but i'm not able to test that one. My doubts are about the versatility of the amplifier. I play a lot of worship on my church, i use a...
  5. O

    Valvestate 2000 AVT20 loud hum coming solely from amp

    I recently bought a second hand one of these and sounds great but has a really loud hum that's getting on my nerves. Have only got the guitar plugged into the amp and nothing else. Volume and gain don't affect the loudness of it but if I turn the reverb down it disappears. It sounds like 60hrz...
  6. Stratofly59

    Marshall Amp, what artist inspired you?

    What artist / sound inspired you to pursue getting a Marshall amp? Why? Me? Clapton's days with Cream when he was using a Marshall 100 watt Super Lead. Page got my attention with the custom Marshall SLP boosted to 180 watts. Both had the right sound. I never ventured into the 100 watt...
  7. Carlos G

    Maxed volume or maxed master?

    What would you say works best for you and on what amp.... To have the volume at 10 and adjust with the master, or have the master maxed and adjust with the volume?
  8. D

    Marshall DSL5CR - Good amp for home use?

    I want to buy the Marshall DSL5CR amplifier for home use (apartment) i know that tube amps are much louder than solid state amps volume wise, And i cant play too loud because my wife always gets angry at me when i turn up the volume on my shitty 15 peavy watt amp. Will it shake the downstairs...