1. Eddylenz

    1972 Super Lead with special Jose Mod

    Hi Guys, It's been a while! I finally got around to recording some new amps. This is my personal 1972 Marshall Super Lead that I got myself for Christmas last year. I was specifically looking for a 70-73 Super Lead for a while because I'm a huge Joe Holmes fan and his Jose are from that time...
  2. Eddylenz

    Jose Arredondo/Joe Holmes Rabbit Hole Marshall 1987S

    After watching a Joe Holmes warmup video on my Facebook feed, I got completely hooked again and ripped the guts out of this 1987S and put in a full Jose mod. I tweaked it for a while and tried to get as close as possible to the Joe Holmes 90s live sound and his Farmikos sound, which is the same...
  3. Eddylenz

    1970 Marshall Super PA Steve Vai Jose Variation

    Hi Everyone, Just got back to the UK and converted my standard Jose to this Vai style Jose. I didn't tweak this one at all, because I have pretty much all my tools in Germany now. From the tests I've done so far with my other JMP in Germany, this type of Jose Mod is my favorite. What do you think?
  4. Eddylenz

    Jose Mod ala Steve Vai's Marshall | 1980 JMP Super Bass

    Hi Everyone, After watching Pete Thorn's Jose video I really wanted to try the type of Jose mod that Dave described because it's a type that I've never heard of before. I finally made it happen... After looking for a proper Marshall and loads of tweaking, I've got something that I'm really...
  5. Eddylenz

    Marshall 1987x with Custom Jose Mod | Added Video with PCM41 Delay

    Hi Everyone, I just finished a custom Jose Mod in a 50w Marshall Reissue. It took quite a while to tweak the amp, as it's the brightest amp, I've ever worked on. I needed to tame the high end a lot to get a nice sound out of it, but I think I got there in the end. It's got a push-pull Gain 1...
  6. Eddylenz

    Lenz Amplification Phoenix Mod, Marshall JCM800

    Hi Everyone, After loads of tweaking, I finished my Jose style high gain mod. It's perfect for an aggressive 70s/80s sound. If you're more into a smoother top-end and all-tube distortion, my Arcturus Mod, that I'm pretty much done with now, is probably more to your taste. What do you think?