1. Igor_torcamaniac

    Poll Vote: Marshall should redesign and reissue JTM60 series

    I myself wish that Marshall would reissue these series of amps and I suppose many of the original and current owners of marshall JTM60 models do. I always thought they sounded very good (especially after some mods) and are definitely one the best looking marshalls ever. Tonewise my 3x10" combo...
  2. Tony_go_mad

    "dime" Your Marshall!

    So curious question. Anyone ever dime there amp? The closes I've ever come to diming my marshall was maxing all the controles for about 2.5 seconds and strumming an E chord. It pretty much made me def. I play on a jtm 60 2x12 it has a master volume so usally I dime and adjust the mv to a sound...
  3. Igor_torcamaniac

    Marshall Jtm60/jcm600 Important Mods (UPDATE)

    Update 02.2023: - I had a look over the mods and redone some stuff and I made a simplified JTM60 preamp schematic with mods to make it easier to read. I removed two resistors used as voltage divider from the old mods and instead used a resistor in the place were C120 used to be so basically...