eddie van halen

  1. lenheyvan

    How to make a brown sound

    This is my first post. I'm always looking at this site because in my country, Japan, there is very little information about modifying tube amplifiers. I have a David Bray Coco50 and I did a one wire mod because it had too little gain for me. I was able to increase the gain to a level I was...
  2. D

    JBL D120Fs and Greenbacks in Same Cabinet

    Hello, I am trying to replicate Eddie Van Halen's brown sound, and I was wondering how he was able to use JBL D120Fs and Greenbacks in the same cabinet given that the JBLs are 8 ohms and Greenbacks are (usually) 16 ohms. I have a set of both speakers and an empty basketweave that I want to...