1. P

    Worth it to get an external power amp for JMP-1 or JCM2000 DSL FX Return Good Enough?

    Been using the JMP-1 through the DSL power amp for a while. One curiosity I've had for a while is whether or not I'd be better off getting one of those Marshall gold power amps. I always thought the DSL FX Loop had some weird tone-sucky quality when playing the amp itself with effects, and I...
  2. C

    Amp Switch - iOS app for DSL40 & DSL100

    Hey everyone, I just released the Amp Switch iOS app for controlling DSL40CR and DSL100HR with MIDI. You can connect your iOS device to your amp’s MIDI input at the back with a USB to MIDI cable and switch your amp’s channels, fx loop and master channel. The coolest part is the app also has an...
  3. Len

    6505 vs DSL?

    For those who have played both the 6505 (not the + or MH) and a DSL, how do they compare when used for classic and modern rock (not metal)?
  4. E

    Marshall dsl20c hidden feature ?

    Hello everyone, so during a tubes maintenance on my dsl20c I decided to take a look inside and I this held my attention, I don't know what it is, hidden feature, unused switch... Someone knows?
  5. fabpax

    Marshall DSL5: boom! tak-tak!

    Hi guys! I'm glad to have the chance to write here! I bought a Marshall Guitar combo Amplifier (DSL5) a couple of years ago. Always worked perfectly! Today it started to make a strange noise when I switch it on. It's a quite loud boom, after a second followed by two other loud noises like...
  6. Seventh Son

    DSL15 and DSL20 Tone Tips

    I have been struggling with thin tone from my DSL15C and DSL20HR. In the past, I tried thickening it up with more volume or by pulling back the high frequencies and pushing the mids, but nothing ever sounded quite right—until I discovered the benefits of maxing out the bass and resonance on the...
  7. Michael Inglis

    Marshall DSL100HR Choke Mod, My Thoughts... (With Pictures)

    EDIT: In this post I used "the feel of a Class A amp" as an example in a way which was incorrect and at the very least misleading. This was kindly pointed out to me below with some links to the correct information regarding Class A as well as Class AB amps including clarification on Push Pull...
  8. felipevsw

    Original speaker cable on DSL20HR?

    Hey gang! So I've finally bought my first Marshall, a DSL20HR! I've got it fairly cheap and brand new, came with the original box and everything. The guy that sold it to me got it from a store that was shutting down and never used it himself since he's a singer. Anyway, my question is, it...
  9. cmsaw83

    NAD/NGD... Look what Fed Ex left on my porch

    NAD/NGD...Got a few deliveries to the house and this is the stuff that was inside the boxes. Yesterday was the Marshall head and was the last of them. I put pics at the bottom of the page in same order as descriptions. 1- Two Notes Torpedo CAB M+ : IR Loader, Cab Sim, DI Box, Clean Preamp...
  10. N

    Help! First time buying loudspeaker

    Hi all, I'm thinking about replacing my stock 12'' loudspeaker on the DSL40CR. The reason is simply that I don't really appreciate the V-type's high fizz/treble/bright distortion as much as I'd like, and for that I was considering one of the speakers below. Since I can't possibly try out all...
  11. Carlos G

    Opinions on greenback or creamback for a DSL40CR?

    I've been wanting to make a speaker upgrade to my DSL40CR and I'm deciding between a Vintage 30 and a Creamback G12M-65. Does anybody have some experience with this two speakers and how they behave with the DSL's? Your help will be much aprettiated.
  12. B

    DSL20CR White Noise Fix

    Has anyone confirmed that there is a fix for the white noise issue with the DSL20CR? Returning it is not an option as I bought it used. After about 4 hours of use at home the white noise started and hasn't gone away. Since then, I have consulted the internets and it appears that this is not...
  13. P

    DSL1 Weird Background Noise (my 4th attempt on DSL amps)

    Hi Forum, I was following you for a long time but I needed to have problem for me to join I guess :) I`m trying 4th brand new DSL1 amp and still couldn`t get rid off this weird digital tapping kinda noise. It`s much more distinctive when I`m on ultra gain channel with more gain&volume but it`s...
  14. Listogast

    Marshall DSL40C clean channel boosted or crunch channel

    So I've been playing with my DSL40C and messing around with both the clean and crunch channels. I read from the user manual that they say the clean mode is supposed to be voiced similar to a plexi super lead, while the crunch mode is supposed to be more like a JCM800. My question is one voiced...
  15. F

    Help Me fix my tone!

    I have a marshall dsl20h and a 2x12 cab with vintage 30's. The tone is very fizzy in the high end, but the bass and mids on the amp are just perfect for me. These are the settings on my amp Resonance - 7 Presence - 0 (turning it a bit more makes it even more fizzy) Bass - 7 Mids- 6 Treble- 3.5...
  16. F

    Fizzy amp

    I have a Marshall DSL20HR running through a Harley Benton 2x12 with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers. The tone is VERY fizzy and harsh. Almost like an amp simulator without impulse response. Any help on how to fix that? (Wallet can't afford a tube swap)
  17. H

    DSL 401 troubleshooting help

    Hey guys I need a little help troubleshooting my DSL 401. The amp powers on but I have no output.The tubes are also not lighting up. All the fuses check good with a multimeter including the internal one. I’ve checked voltages at all the tube sockets and seem to have the correct voltages...
  18. Kutt

    Rocker switch replacement - Discharge caps?

    At some point soon I'm planning on replacing the power rocker switch on a JCM 2000. I know it's best practice to always discharge caps. My specific question is this- Is it a guarantee you'll get bitten if you do not discharge them while replacing the switch?
  19. Alex P

    Diagnosing DSL40C hissing noise

    I have a DSL40C with a bad hissing noise. I've tested for microphonic tubes and even just replaced the V1 preamp tube with a new one, which according to other people who had the same issue, fixed the hiss. I also moved the tubes in different combinations but the noise remains. I'm not sure what...
  20. ToneGod

    DSL vs Origin

    Hi there, Im looking for a new amp, and i've come down to these two, DSL40CR and Origin 20H. I mostly play everything from blues to hard rock and metal (60s to 80s and a bit 90s), and i can't decide between the two. The sound im after is that classic plexi or jcm800 tone like SRV/Hendrix...

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