1. ELS

    My theories on amp tone, why they sound like they sound.

    after building many amp clones and experimenting with my own circuits I've started coming up with my own theories on why amps like the bassman, plexi, or blackface fenders sound as they do. of course there's things like parts values and circuit topography, but some perhaps overlooked things...
  2. junk notes

    SV20H filter caps

    For those who have curiously opened theirs up - what are the screens & mains, phase inverter, and preamp caps values for this 5/20w 1959 circuit? Thanks! edit: @Trapland ?
  3. LucaMetalMyLife

    JCM2000TSL - Send/Return Problem

    Hi all, I recently bought a Marshall JCM 2000 TSL, it sounds awesome, but when I plug any pedal through the FX loop the volume suddenly drops. If I hit the top of the head with my hand, the problem solves temporarily , but after 1 or 2 minutes of playing the volume drops another time. I am an...
  4. wonderingape

    Marshall tube amps with similar circuits to the Valvestate amps

    What are some of the Marshall tube amps that have similar preamp and power amp circuits or closest in similarity to the Valvestate amp circuits?
  5. G

    Bluesbreaker Reissue Tremolo 50 watt info

    I have this amp but it has been modded over time and i think it is not sounding like what it is intended to be. Hence please post circuit diagrams and pics of your amp's interiors for me to correct my amp. I will post pics in a few hours. My amp features two 6L6 power tubes or may be EL 34's...
  6. Z

    Marshall Super Lead 1959 Circuit Check & Date Help

    Hi everybody! I'm Sergio from Spain. I'm thinking of buying a Marshall Super Lead 100w, it's supposed to be from 71 but has no backplate. I'm definetely not an expert, but it looks mostly stock with some component replace or removed. Could you help me checking it? :p Seller also has a cabinet...

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