1. jamesband4

    VOX AC30 No sound/No stand by light LED FIXED

    Hi everyone, Just posting this to add to the general knowledge and help anyone who might come across this issue. Friend has a AC30 that had no sound/ no stand by light. First tried replacing the rectifier tube, no luck in getting any sound. Tested voltages starting at the output of the 5AR4 and...
  2. Michael Inglis

    Marshall DSL100HR Choke Mod, My Thoughts... (With Pictures)

    EDIT: In this post I used "the feel of a Class A amp" as an example in a way which was incorrect and at the very least misleading. This was kindly pointed out to me below with some links to the correct information regarding Class A as well as Class AB amps including clarification on Push Pull...
  3. Michael Inglis

    100W Tube amp Amp Draw, Choke and Resistor Switch Question

    Just installed a Choke in my DSL100HR, sounds great so far. Low end is certainly tighter than before when the volume is up to gig levels. Pics at bottom for the hell of it. But the point of this post is to pose this question. I want to add a switch on the chassis so that i can switch between...
  4. Michael Inglis

    About to add a Hammond Filter Choke to DSL100HR 3H or 5H which do you prefer?

    So I would have done this sooner but I wanted to wait out the majority of the warranty. From what I gather the 3 Henry 250ma (194G) is more modern sounding/feeling. I dont know if I'm going to prefer a choke either so I'll save the resistor and actually remove the leads, I do A LOT of soldering...
  5. FleshOnGear

    SV20 ghost notes... add a choke?

    I’ve noticed ghost notes from my SV20H when I crank it up. I know it’s not the speakers because I don’t get the ghost notes from my Orange at similar volume levels. So, it must be caused by the power supply? Has anyone else heard this from their SV? Would adding a choke help?
  6. M

    Next generation JVM lineup features

    What features would you like to see in the sometimes inevitably forthcoming JVM lineup? Me: - Wattage selection. - Analog Spring Reverb tank like in the TSL60 and Mesa Roadster. - Mid Shift knob or Semi-Parametric mids. - 50 watt 4-channel version as well as 2-channel. - Plywood construction...
  7. Javimart1212

    Question About My Choke On Dsl 100h

    What is the correct location / position for a choke on a DSL 100h? (I've seen 2 examples on the forum) 1. Here 2. Or here
  8. BadgerO

    What To Do With A Hammond 193q Choke?

    I got a Hammond 193Q choke from Tube-Town by mistake, it's a super massive 10H 0.5A pile of iron, larger than any mains transformer I've ever seen. I like metal, so I didn't return it and I'm not selling it, any uses other than paper weight? Open to fun ideas.
  9. SpHj

    Sl-x 2100 Choke Mod?

    I’m thinking I may try this...what would you guys recommend? ( Brand, Henries) Thanks all!