1. A

    Vintage Cabinet

    Hello, im new to the forum and I would love to get some informations about this Vintage Marshall Cabinet:
  2. S

    Annoying resonant frequency in cabinet, HELP

    I have a jcm900 1960a 4x12 cabinet that I have some issues with. There is a ringing frequency around 600-700hz(e4,f4) that feedbacks very easily. When I play certain notes, the cabinet rings like a bell and drowns out whatever notes im playing. Please note that this problem is also present at...
  3. T

    Marshall Origin 5C as first tube amp?

    Hi guys, I'm new here(my first thread), and I'm sorry in advance for my bad English . Basically, just another thread about Origin 5C, but I didn't found someone with similar problem as me. Let's start from afar, I play guitar for 3 years, but first two years were not really active, I just played...
  4. MajorMan

    Marshall 1960 AHW/BHW Celestion G12H30 Heritage

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to start a quick poll.... I am able to get one of these cabinets mentioned in the thread. What do you think of those and would you prefer the straight or the slanted version? :naughty: What would be a resonable price? Thank you very much in advance! Cheers :cheers:
  5. felipevsw

    VS412 same as 8412?

    Can anyone confirm if the VS412 cab is roughly the same specs as the Model 8412 from the Valvestate amps? I hear from a good source, a local reputable player that has experiment all the gear known to man, that the Model 8412 cab has some issues like improper volume (as in volumetric measure)...
  6. T

    DSL20HR weird thump in 20 watt mode

    Hi everyone, I love my DSL20HR, but every time I put it in 20 watt mode, I get a weird thump that sounds like someone knocking on a door through the cab. I guess it's somewhere in the power amp, but I'm not sure. I got both amp and cab used. Anyway, hopefully someone has experienced this issue...
  7. PierreG1979

    Celestion Cream Alnico Guitar Speaker

    Hi everybody, I am actually building up a speaker cabinet to go along with my 1987 MK2 (1978). I bought a 1922 (Marshall 2x12) unloaded. I have the opportunity to get a T5953 speaker. does someone here have this one, and how would you compare it with the blackjack T1221? I was thinking of...
  8. PierreG1979

    1922 (2x12) 1997 $350 worth it?

    Hi, I just bought a head, (1987 MKII) from 1978. First I would like to get a small cabinet not necessarily a 4x12 since I am not giging right now. I have the opportunity to buy a 1922 cab for $360, I am in Chicago area. I have no clue about this cabinet and what is made of. I see a lot of 4x12...
  9. Carsonthetexan

    Cab to pair with Sv20h

    Hey there! Finally gonna pull the trigger on the sv20h this weekend and just havent figured out what 1x12 cab I want to pair with it. I'd like to get the matching marshall cab, but damn, that pricetag is killing me. If any users have it, does the price justify the sound?? Other options I'm...
  10. N

    Can someone please help me with some Marshall Information?

    Guys, what site do you recommend me for researches on Marshall amplification? Like that has information on some rare vintage cabinets and amplifiers, for example a site like Fender Amp Field guide, or
  11. C

    What is the best way to connect my guitar through a Rane G27 EQ to a Marshall JCM 900 cabinet?

    I have a Rane GE27 that I want to put in line between my JCM 900 4102 100 W and my electric guitars. Should I plug the guitar into the Rane then into the amp or use the effects send return and would TS cables do the trick or should I use a load matching transformer? Rick
  12. Patrick Powell

    BIAS FX Cab Modeling with Code 100H + Marshall Code 200W 4x12 Cab

    I have one setup where I use a laptop with BIAS FX into an audio interface that goes into the return of my FX loop of the Code 100h (drawing below). The general rule with BIAS FX is to disable its cab modeling when running through your own cab but since the Code is built for modeling does that...
  13. Alistair

    Price Check on this 60's Cab??

    Price check for this cab please.
  14. Bobby Damit

    Casters for 1960B Cab. early 1990's.

    I have a vintage 1960B Marshall Cabinet from the early to mid 1990's. Bought it used without wheels. I just purchased a set of Mcasters from Sweetwater music supply called MCasterSet - 00050. Description says works with Marshall M412A/B and MX412A/B cabs, as well as 1936 and 1960 cabinets. They...
  15. bond23

    AVT100 Valvestate 2000 Vabinet feet replacement

    Looking to replace the feet on this puppy with rolling & locking caster wheels. Not quite sure how to remove the old feet, I concerned that they may be bolted in from inside of the speaker cabinet as they don't seem to have a center screw holding them in place. Any ideas ??????????
  16. N

    1x12 Cab/Speaker Suggestion for Studio Vintage

    Greetings! New to the forum and somewhat new to the world of Marshall (used to have an MG15-type back when I was starting out, although I cant remember if that was the exact model since it was close to 15 years ago!). Anyway, after years of wanting a Marshall plexi I'm close to pulling the...
  17. alednorris

    Amp Clamps S Series

    Hi guys, Does anyone use an Amp Clamp S Series on their Marshall cab's at all? (particularly on a Marshall JCM 900 1960a cab) Looking to get one to mic various Marshall cab's with my 906 to get consistency live, but will be shipping from the US to the UK so wanted to make sure that it will...
  18. Jasyyn

    Help! Analysis paralysis (speaker choices)

    I have an origin 20h, currently on a MC412a Celestion Rocket 50's. I want to switch to something smaller... maybe. I might switch to a 2x12, considering the Harley Benton vintage 30 vertical, the origin 212a. Also considering buying V30's to swap in my current cab (probably just 2). I also have...
  19. F

    JVM410h and 1960bv

    So I have a jvm410h and 1960bv cab. I was just wondering which ohm settings to use on the cab and which output from the jam to use so I dont blow up my speaker and or amp
  20. William Adley

    Marshall 1960B cabinet with broken 16 Ohm Mono input

    Hello all, I have come into possession of a beautiful 1960B Cabinet with a working 4ohm mono, but broken 16 Ohm mono input. The 8 Ohm stereo, however, works fine. I suspect someone likely plugged in amps in stereo mode, with the mono switch enabled. Would anyone know how to fix this, or able...