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    We are starting to publish some reports with some info we find useful for any Marshall lover. Right now we've got: - The Marshallforum guide to Marshall amps - The Marshall factory tour As soon as we include new reports it will be advised here. :)
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    Plexi Vs Metalface

    I am preparing something that will clarify this point and some others. Please be patient. It will be ready very soon. :)
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    Show us your Marshall

    I'll do it for you: For any reason If you do not put "www" it does not recognize the file. Cool amps and cool pic! :)
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    Из Рос&amp

    English please... :roll:
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    Show us your Marshall

    Re: silly question Click here -----> How to post images :)
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    Show us your Marshall

    That's sick... ;)
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    Hi everyone, sorry I'm late !

    No problem from now!!! Click here -----> How to post images :)
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    How to post images

    Images can indeed be shown in your posts. However, there is no facility at present for uploading images directly to this board. Therefore you must link to an image stored on a publicly accessible web server. Photobucket is a well known one but there are many others. e.g...
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    JMP Master says, MAAAARRRSSSHHHAAALLLL, yeah, that felt good

    The world needed a forum dedicated to the monstes of the tone!!!
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    what constitutes a vintage Marshall?

    yeah, that's a good point. I'd say up to 1970 but let me know what you all think and we take a decission all together.
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    Greatest Marshall Ever!

    That's very interesting.... really. I'd love to try one of those. I guess 99% of the poeple would say a JTM45 (even without trying one) :)
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    Legal advice

    Under the advisement of legal counsel - due to liability issues, sharing of copyrighted materials without appropriate permissions and licensing is strictly prohibited on the Marshallforum. Thanks, David
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    PLEASE remember to keep all links and comments regarding e-bay here: e-bay watch All e-bay discussions prohibited elsewhere. Thanks,
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    Please Read These Before Posting: One member account, per person with valid email address (can be kept private). Please do not register more than one account. Doing so is a violation of Message Rules and Guidelines. PROHIBITED TYPES OF CONTENT: - Pornography, links to...
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    Self-Promotion User Guidelines

    We are more than happy to let you promote yourself here but: - We cannot host your work on our server. - If You host your music with free hosting services, or other hosting providers, you may be subject to bandwidth restrictions. If your posts include dead links, or links that are...