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  1. ricksdisconnected

    Mesa Mark VII - newly announced

    hum, the guy never stated he owned that amp did he? you assumed he does. bigger question is how in thee hell can you possibly know what ive own, owned or havent? again your assuming. the 8in extension worked for me ya might want to give it a shot. perfect length to get the job done. but hell...
  2. ricksdisconnected

    Mesa Mark VII - newly announced

    hum, no experience or, found the solution to my problem. go get a extension cord for the power cable. 12in and leave that plugged in and strap it to the floor of the cab. thats what the "experienced" folks do. no big deal. $10 fix. simple really not even rocket science. something like this...
  3. ricksdisconnected

    The fishing thread

    damn right. knee deep only.
  4. ricksdisconnected

    Mesa Mark VII - newly announced

    ive never heard of that being a complaint on any amp ever. why would that be a issue? plug it in and leave it pluged in.
  5. ricksdisconnected

    Brand New Amp Not Working

    problem with that is simple, nobody should have to pay a dime to have their gear checked out. nobody should have to worry that their stuff might not work especially when buying new. when i power it up it should work period. no rattles. no lose tubes. no hum, no hiss, nothing but as expected...
  6. ricksdisconnected

    Mesa Mark VII - newly announced

    at least Mesa is trying to move forward anyways. not doing the crap marshall does by redoing the same ole shit over and over again.
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    yeah ive seen reports. blows my mind people are so damn dumb.
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    its a damn sad day when they actually have to hand these damn things out isnt it?
  9. ricksdisconnected - buying items from Switzerland

    your welcome vin. i gotta get one in here and there as i bring the circus to a close my friend.
  10. ricksdisconnected

    The Secret to Your Tone

  11. ricksdisconnected - buying items from Switzerland

    funny stuff? only if your buying from a clown or comedian possibly
  12. ricksdisconnected

    Brand New Amp Not Working

    yeah possibly but the stores here in the states should at least check them out before they ship/sell but it seems that they dont. in all honesty, its piss poor QC. no excuse for it.
  13. ricksdisconnected

    Fender Deluxe Strat tuning stability

    vasiline will only attract lint and dirt. never EVER use vasiline. graphite.
  14. ricksdisconnected

    Brand New Amp Not Working

    i'll never understand why Marshall has such problems with their new amps. you hear this type thing happening 10 fold from Marshall than any other amp. its just crazy. piss poor craftsmenship?
  15. ricksdisconnected

    RIP Gary Rossington...

  16. ricksdisconnected

    Single coil to humbucker

    we use a damn 12 ga in these parts. bucker always fits first try
  17. ricksdisconnected

    NAD. An almost virgin Silverface. Super Six Reverb. Got clean?

    crazy heavy but yes a very nice amp.
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    ok let me try it again removing some words........ I WANT to see some wildlife - but from a safe distance lol. DO I HEAR CLUCKIN? lol
  19. ricksdisconnected


    do i hear cluckin?
  20. ricksdisconnected


    yeah well im a real friend. someone has to survive to tell his friends and family what happened to him so trip him i shall. no sense in both of us dying tired. :coffee: