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  1. FFXIhealer

    NMD: Lead 12 .... best bedroom plexi!

    I think you may have a strong point that affects me. My G10 Vintage speakers I don't think have EVER been really put through their paces. They're not "broken in". Maybe that's why it's so bass-heavy and stuff. Huh. Guess I'm going to have to find some time where I can play the crap out of...
  2. FFXIhealer

    NMD: Lead 12 .... best bedroom plexi!

    Changing out my speakers has made this nearly impossible to do with other people still in the house. The original Celestion G10D-25 speakers had a sensitivity of 92 db/w. The G10 Vintage speakers in there now test in at 97 db/w. They're almost TWICE as loud at the same power level, or at...
  3. FFXIhealer

    NMD: Lead 12 .... best bedroom plexi!

    Up-to-date pictures. People are home and this amp is way too loud to crank while anyone else is here. No chance I can record it at full volume.
  4. FFXIhealer

    NMD: Lead 12 .... best bedroom plexi!

    Been away from this forum for a long time, but got an e-mail with this thread in it. Apparently, it's blowin' up. And I own a Lead 12 Microstack too. Wanna do some amp p0rn? Maybe later. I'd like to take up-to-date pictures, not the ones from several years ago. But for now, let's just say...
  5. FFXIhealer

    Possible Issue With Jvm 410h?

    My JVM hasn't been collecting dust. It's inside its Flight Case. The CASE has been collecting dust, though. LOL I use it as a stand for my fan at night.
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    Possible Issue With Jvm 410h?

    I guess you can tell it's been a long time since I've pulled my JVM410h out of its box and played on it, huh?
  7. FFXIhealer

    Possible Issue With Jvm 410h?

    JVM410 Block Diagram: Whoah whoah whoah! Wait a minute.... I think I just found an "error" in this official Marshall diagram. Isn't the Clean-Green channel set to IGNORE the Gain pot? Why the hell is this NOT included on this block diagram?
  8. FFXIhealer

    If You Ran Marshall?

    Make These for myself: Yeah, threw it together in Windows Paint. I have since fixed the image. You get the idea. Alnico Golds for the JTM, Greenbacks for the JMP, G12T-75s for the JCM, Vintage 30s for the DSL, and I don't know what for the JVM. Notice me, senpai! Notice me!
  9. FFXIhealer

    If You Ran Marshall?

    I would have the company rebuild me all of the 1-watt 50th Anniversary amp heads, then build matching mini-cabs to make mini-stacks out of them, all period correct with tolex, bades, and stuff. After I had those, then I'd go find someone else who's actually competent to run the company...
  10. FFXIhealer

    Fs: 80s Vintage Celestion G12t-75

    Wait, I thought most people on this forum HATE G12T-75s.
  11. FFXIhealer

    Marshall Lead 12 Gd Celestion G10d-25 (pro Or Not)

    I have a Lead 12 3005 micro-stack that I've "dressed up" with cabinet badges and a new brushed-gold aluminium faceplate. The stock speakers are shrill, like digging an ice-pick into my brain through my eardrums. I replaced both speakers with Celestion G10 Vintage speakers and the difference is...
  12. FFXIhealer

    FS: Marshall JCM1H & JMP1H

    Dunno. The last post was from 2015. It's now 2018. Either it sold or he gave up on it.
  13. FFXIhealer

    Marshall Dsl2000 1 Watt Head

    Guess this guy changed his mind?
  14. FFXIhealer

    Jvm 210 Owners...sound Off..

    Everything you need to know about the JVM amp series:
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    Not everyone has $750 for an amp. If I DID, I'd snag it myself.
  16. FFXIhealer

    What Would You Choose Between Jvm410 Or Jcm 800 Kk?

    I already have a JVM410h. Such a beast of an amp.
  17. FFXIhealer

    Marshall Jvm410h Off For Ling Time

    Mine stays in its flight case almost all the time. It's been in there for the last three months. The last time it came out, it was out for only two days. Sounded fine to me. It's just too damned loud for my bedroom.
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    New Marshall CODE digital amp series

    100 pages of this thread, yo!
  19. FFXIhealer

    Code Digital Amp Series (interface, App, Usb, Etc)

    THIS! Windows 98 was not fully USB supporting or compliant when it first came out, considering the fact that USB 1.1 was still a new thing. Win98se (Second Edition) had a unifying USB driver built-in and the underlying Windows subsystem had been changed to be able to handle USB stuff. With FE...
  20. FFXIhealer

    Code Digital Amp Series (interface, App, Usb, Etc)

    A driver is a driver. Only in Mac OS, it's called a kext, not a driver. Same thing, essentially.