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  1. Barfly

    New Track w/Video

    most mother effin excellent.
  2. Barfly

    Ever heard of Wendy O. Williams songs?

    I was a big fan. I knew the guitarist and met the band out at Cheers on Long Island after a show one night.
  3. Barfly

    Post pics of your jam room

  4. Barfly

    need some recommendations for instrument cables

    I've pretty much stuck to Bayou Cables for decades. Reliable, durable and purdy.
  5. Barfly

    This isn’t an emulator. I think it’s a proper JCM-800 in a pedal.

    Ah, ok. I edited my post because after posting I was like; All that matters is that the OP loves it.. so, enjoy.
  6. Barfly

    My Christmas Gift 2022

    That's such a cool gift, Vin. I love art. It reminds me of work that could be in the AVAM (American Visionary Art Museum; my favorite museum located in Baltimore.)
  7. Barfly

    Do you use the guitar tone control?

  8. Barfly

    Bare Knuckles Emerald Pickups.

    I only have a pair of Rebel Yells in a Custom Shop Jackson Soloist. They sound dynamite. I know; that doesn't help. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
  9. Barfly

    MXR 6 band EQ vs Boss GE 7

    This isn't much help but I have a "sniper" modded GE-7 in the Mesa Boogie. I love it but never tried any other.
  10. Barfly

    NO CLUE what I'm doing- but here is a test clip

    That sounds great. I'm feeling the first half a little more.. nice!
  11. Barfly

    Show Me Your Covers

    This is a cover that MF'er Australian and I did a while back. I'm a big Schenker fan and I really enjoy listening to it. Australian really kicked ass on vocals. Dig if you will: Looking Out From Nowhere.
  12. Barfly

    Famous Guitar Teachers. Ever had one.

    I wouldn't say famous at all but the closest I had to a teacher is my high school best friend. He plays now with RIck Springfield. LoL.
  13. Barfly


    Meant to post this here: Hello, you fine bunch of fellows. This is just a tiny, sloppy, quick clip of the pedal into the old iPhone. Totally clean channel of the Mesa Lonestar. The Soldano pedal and ns-2 noise gate. The volume is at a civilized apartment level.. in other words, not loud, not...
  14. Barfly

    NPD Soldano SLO Pedal

  15. Barfly


    . I'll post a clip or 2 probably next week. I finally am feeling the pedal. :-)
  16. Barfly


    So far I tried it IFO the Mesa Boogie Lonestar. I got it to sound just ok and to be fair, I need more time with it just like that before I move on to the loop and the Marshall. I don't expect it to sound like a Soldano SLO. I just expect it to sound great. Too early in the game to make a...
  17. Barfly


    I got home and just played with it for a bit. Sounds good but not great. I Need more time with it and to try it on both amps before I have a real opinion. I also want to try it in the loop as well. Sorry. I know that's not much help. So far I'm not bowled over.
  18. Barfly

    Which guitars do you play more at home? Cheap? Expensive?

    I work my way through them all but I don't really have any cheap-o's except maybe for the brian moore. If I had it all over to do again I'd buy and use a couple of cheap beaters for gigs and keep the great guitars at home.
  19. Barfly


    Thanks! Thanks a lot! LoL. I thought I was through buying pedals and then I saw your post. I own 2 of the Soldano GTO's (Awesome) but I just ordered this pedal. Yeah, baby.

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