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  1. MarshallDog

    SV20H For Van Halen ?

    Wow, great story and experience. If I lived around you I would love to pick your brain, shoot the crap, have a beer and hear you play! Maybe I would learn something.
  2. MarshallDog

    SV20H For Van Halen ?

    Sounds like you have studied VH a lot DoD????
  3. MarshallDog

    A New Thread

    Relevant, no chance lol!!
  4. MarshallDog

    A New Thread

    I’m thinking the authentic Mexican restaurant we went to last night was awesome and for lunch Im having the leftovers…yum!!!!
  5. MarshallDog

    I R S Idiocy

    America needs a serious overhaul starting with the worse crooks at the top posing as the all great all concerned American!
  6. MarshallDog


    Yeah, long time it’s scary for sure!!! But, I wont be around to see that!!!
  7. MarshallDog


    Just goes to show that low level mindless non skilled jobs are going away and the days of humans making money and many times big money for doing such jobs are coming to an end.
  8. MarshallDog

    I R S Idiocy

    Why Why exclude food? Does someone really need to eat and spend 500.00 bucks on 1 oz of caviar as one example of many????
  9. MarshallDog

    My bad....

    That can happen LOL!
  10. MarshallDog

    My bad....

    No idea??????
  11. MarshallDog


    I loved GI Joe when I was a kid, still have a lot of the stuff that survived is storage!
  12. MarshallDog

    Show me your Telecasters

    Love that color with the rosewood fret board!
  13. MarshallDog


    Nice wood man!!! Happy new guitar, shes a beaut Clark!
  14. MarshallDog

    RIP Terry Hall: Specials, Fun Boy Three, Colour Field.

    RIP Terry H, so young to go!
  15. MarshallDog


    And we are the only living organisms in the entire universe :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  16. MarshallDog


  17. MarshallDog

    Balls transplant (on Studio/Mini series)

    Yu p, less meat, smaller ballz :lol::lol:
  18. MarshallDog

    NAD: Fender Excelsior Pro

    Happy new amp day! Man, I never even seen one of these any wheres when browsing for amps :shrug:
  19. MarshallDog

    what was the first band to use marshall gears

    Yabba dabba doo!!! I always new there was a second reason I liked the Flintstones as a kid and still do! The Flintstones we release in 1960 so that would be an early use of a Marshall amp for sure. And welcome to the Forum new MF'er!!!
  20. MarshallDog

    Merry Christmas and HNY guys!

    Back at ya Ken Ops and the same to all the other MF'ers out there! Hope you all have a happy, safe, fun and Marshall amp filled Holiday!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!!!

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