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  1. Chris-in-LA

    1973 Marshall Lead 50W needs a replacement 1202-164 Power Transformer

    Here’s a Heyboer.
  2. Chris-in-LA

    Outut Transformer and Choke Replacement for JCM2000 DSL50

    These guys sell Heyboer and Mercury Magnetic iron.
  3. Chris-in-LA

    Jtm1 offset speaker ( no greenback )
  4. Chris-in-LA

    Pre amp can in early 70s late sixties Marshall’s. Mounted on the top of chassis help with stupid question.

    Bypassing the resistor is easy, just run a wire or jumper around it.
  5. Chris-in-LA

    JTM45 vs SV20?

    Do it.
  6. Chris-in-LA

    Jeff Beck STILL Plays Better Than Me

    He’s been a Marshall/Strat guy for years. He was a rock guy from the early ‘60‘s British Invasion bands. Replaced Eric Clapton in the Yardbirds after Eric left to play with John Mayall. Played with Jimmy Page in the Yardbirds as well and the Yardbirds eventually became Led Zeppelin after Jeff...
  7. Chris-in-LA

    1979 2203 with mystery holes! Expert eyes welcome!

    I would start here. They have corners, vents and logos
  8. Chris-in-LA

    1979 2203 with mystery holes! Expert eyes welcome!

    Goo Gone or turpentine to get tape residue off.
  9. Chris-in-LA

    1987X and 2203X volume levels

    My 1987x is not clean past 1 on the high treble channel. At 3 or 4 it was very loud, maybe even louder than my 2203 on 3. It sounded great, no pedals needed for me. But I got complaints about the volume and always had to wear earplugs. I did eventually use an attenuator, a Weber Mass 100 but the...
  10. Chris-in-LA

    Could this be why I don’t really like my Marshall 425A?

    Turn down the mids as well.
  11. Chris-in-LA

    Staco Variac

    $60 is a good price for a Staco. You can’t afford not to get it.
  12. Chris-in-LA

    Was there a YJM cabinet?

    The ax and bx are loaded with 25 watt Greenbacks. Is that what you meant?
  13. Chris-in-LA

    need help deciding between Marshall cabs and speakers

    Sure. But I keep everything for different flavors and probably wouldn’t sell anything if I had the space.
  14. Chris-in-LA

    Marshall Celestion G12 Vintage??

    The Vintage 30 is a 60 watt speaker, it’s not the same as the ones in the 1960av, 1960bv or the 1936v which is a 2x12 cabinet. The Celestion Vintage is a 70 watt speaker and is voiced differently. That’s what appears to be in those Jubilee cabs. They are not Vintage 30’s...
  15. Chris-in-LA

    1967 Super Tremolo Buzzing

    Have you tried moving your preamp wires away from the heater wires? They should not be laying right on top of the heater wires.
  16. Chris-in-LA

    Another Build Coming !!

    We’ll be waiting for pictures.
  17. Chris-in-LA

    Marshall Celestion G12 Vintage??

    No. And Celestion doesn’t even list them on their website. The only way to buy them new is in a Marshall cabinet.
  18. Chris-in-LA

    What 70 watt speakers were in the JCM800 Lead 280w 1960’s ?

    Turn the mids way down. 8 to 10 is extremely bright sounding.
  19. Chris-in-LA

    Anybody miss their rig while on vacation?

    On my last big trip I missed my motorcycle more than my amps. Couldn’t wait to get back so I could ride. Maybe I’m the strange one.

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