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  1. renips

    What Effects In FX Loop?

    I use time based effects in the loop. Eq also. I will put a cae line booster in the loop so I can control volume from there to fine tune
  2. renips

    How many people use the FX Loops in their amps...?

    I do. Usually time based effects and eq
  3. renips

    I finally made a proper pickguard for my Surfcaster

    Was it cnc or did you make a template and router? Looks good
  4. renips

    Are You Done Buying??

    Probably not.
  5. renips

    My DREAM GUITAR came this week

    Thats a really cool looking guitar. The binding really pops
  6. renips

    Your First Guitar?

  7. renips

    Guitars with humbuckers and a whammy bar, that also …

    This works for me
  8. renips

    White MG 15 msll

    I Re tolexed this in white with black piping and black logo. I used bright white and painted the logo black. Great DIY project '][/URL] '][/URL] I left the handle off because it looks cooler and the handle is not necessary. The flat top is utilitarian
  9. renips

    John 5 Season of the Witch. Great Halloween album

    Total Halloween album lol. Loving it right now. Great Tele player.
  10. renips


    No seller feedback and no pics. SCAM!
  11. renips

    Origin Clips Only please

    Very cool Mitch.
  12. renips

    Seymour Duncan JB Gateing??

    H He is stating that the notes as they decay are being choked or gated as in what a noise gate does.
  13. renips

    JVM 410H 3 heads two one foot switch

    This will play 3 heads simultaneiusy
  14. renips

    Iron Maiden...

    Great band. Dickinson can still bring the vocals. I saw them in 86’ at the Sportatorium in Hollywood Fla. one of the best sounding shows and also loudest concerts I ever saw.
  15. renips

    Marshall JVM410H w/2X12

    1987 Jem777DY still have this fuc$&@ker '][/URL]
  16. renips

    What Marshalls do you folks have?

    1984 JCM 800 2204 modded 1989 JCM 800 2204 modded 2005 MG series MSll 2010 HAZE 40 in a headshell 2012 410 JVMHJS 1984 JCM LEAD cab 1989 JCM LEAD CAB 2014 1960 lead CAB 2012 1960 lead CAB 2010 HAZE combo cab
  17. renips

    Marshall JVM410H w/2X12

    That JEM is sweet!!!
  18. renips

    Help with Potentiometer

    I appreciate your help and advice. It’s amazing how many minor variants go into to finding this. This one comes with a knob so it will not matter aesthetically one way or another. I am going to have to custom fit it anyway. Connectors pins are bent to fit in stock being that the holes are...
  19. renips

    Help with Potentiometer

    Thanks. I noticed that earlier. Here is another I found from a company called adafruit in NY. I may have to solder wires to the connectors due to the way the pins on the stock pot are. It will take some bending etc. '][/URL]

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