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  1. purpleplexi

    My new DSL40CR

    Lot of people think OD2 is too dark and compressed. I like OD1 with a pedal - not really for more gain but for toneshaping.
  2. purpleplexi

    How many people use the FX Loops in their amps...?

    Normally no but then I don't like delay effects. On the SV20 I have a little black box in the loop so I can actually use it at home.
  3. purpleplexi

    DSL40CR Classic Channel Not Working?

    Have you tried it on high power and low power?
  4. purpleplexi

    What tubes are you running in your Marshall?

    I like the GT mullard replicas everywhere. In my experience not the most reliable -I've killed 3 so far - but nothing else gives my amps that mojo. Thick and crunchy.
  5. purpleplexi

    Are You Done Buying??

    I don't feel I need anything but.....
  6. purpleplexi

    PRS Signature strings

    Pyramid nickel classics. Although the PRS ones sound like similar design.
  7. purpleplexi

    NAD later today!

  8. purpleplexi

    Marshall tube amp for home

    Yep. Crunch with a pedal for me.
  9. purpleplexi

    DSL40CR CreamLevant Headphones without footswitch only in Ultra Gain?

    I've decidedcI just don't care anymore.
  10. purpleplexi

    DSL40CR CreamLevant Headphones without footswitch only in Ultra Gain?

    If you plug the f/s in and change to classic then unplug the f/s what happens?
  11. purpleplexi

    Marshall tube amp for home

    It's true that a 40CR is more compressed-sounding than a lot of amps but that's partly what makes it work well at low volumes. There's enough adjustment to keep it to a minimum. If you avoid the red channel.....
  12. purpleplexi

    Marshall tube amp for home

    40CR. No question.
  13. purpleplexi

    DSL40CR vs DSL100HR

    It's true that you can get great tones at bedroom volumes with the 40 but there's definitely some extra mojo once the volume gets to 6-7. Quite possibly the 100 is the same - dunno.
  14. purpleplexi

    Let’s talk about nuts

    A while back it was all the rage to put a nylon nut on LPs because 'bursts came with them. So I did. You can't get 6/6 nylon anymore - one of the components was a carcinogen and was banned. I think what I used was 6/8 which is the modern equivalent. I just got a sample piece from a plastics...
  15. purpleplexi

    Beck's Setup, Marshall JCM2000 DSL50

    Ronnie Scotts is tiny. My SV on 5 watts would be plenty. My uncle used to be the de facto house drummer there....
  16. purpleplexi

    Beck's Setup, Marshall JCM2000 DSL50

    Something I've noticed in life is that the true geniuses are usually humble - it's the wannabes that gob off all the time. On the subject of his playing if there is a secret secret to being a great player as I've long suspected it's the amount of attention lavished on each note that makes the...
  17. purpleplexi

    Beck's Setup, Marshall JCM2000 DSL50

    I suddenly regret my post above. When I saw him ( not 25 miles from his house) he had the 2 DSLs, a couple of rats and some kind of delay. I'm sure he could've had any amp he wanted. Anyway he sounded exactly like Jeff Beck. I also read an article by his tech for that series of concerts who said...
  18. purpleplexi

    Looking for good speakers for 2x12 Marshall Cabinet

    Still surfing the alnico goodness wave🙌 nothing else will do now....
  19. purpleplexi

    Groove tubes

    Did a proper check and it wasn't the preamp it was a power tube - also a groove tube. Took it out and it was rattling. Put another one in and the crackling stopped. Weird thing is I liked the sound of the dead one.....
  20. purpleplexi

    Golden tublular juice bottles of tone!

    Prob had mine biased @ 35 - 37. Maybe that was too hot. - shrug-

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