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  1. Dblgun

    Recommend a pickup to me. (Bridge, humbucker)

    Lots of great recommendations here, I have many of them in various guitars. I will add the EVH Wolfgang pickups as an option, fairly high output but pretty versatile.
  2. Dblgun

    New Tweed GA5T Build

    Hey Pete, thanks, I did use a HT dropper which did get the B+ in the correct range. My comment about the elevated B+ was more pointed towards modern transformers and their greater HT voltages. Again, I do appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge. You are right good ECL82/6BM8's have...
  3. Dblgun

    New Tweed GA5T Build

    A day or two off for Thanksgiving gave some time to work on the amp. I got it fired up last night and dialed in today. A bit more B+ than I'd like but when you're using left over's you get what you got. It sounds great and the circuit is stock except a few changes in the tremolo circuit and a...
  4. Dblgun

    Transformers for new JTM45/100, Recommendations ?

    I've got a couple NOS Classictone 45/100 PT/OT sets. With all the projects I have I could probably let one go.
  5. Dblgun

    New Tweed GA5T Build

    Back at work today so not much progress. Nonetheless I did get most of the board populated. I left the dropper between the second and third nodes off/out until I get it fired up.
  6. Dblgun

    New Tweed GA5T Build

    A little progress today. Obviously a simple circuit but a good one. Looking forward to some more progress soon.
  7. Dblgun

    New Tweed GA5T Build

    The tremolo in these and the 5F11 are not the most well thought of but are my favorite!
  8. Dblgun

    New Tweed GA5T Build

    Sometime back I foolishly agreed to part with my GA5T and have regretted it since I did. In my defense I sold it back to the friend who I had gotten it from originally. Well he's not making the mistake of letting it get away again so I've been looking for another. The problem is that in the...
  9. Dblgun

    Ceriatone Noob 51 Build

    Congratulations and good luck with putting power to her for the first time!
  10. Dblgun

    Transformers for new JTM45/100, Recommendations ?

    I just received some transformers I ordered from Marstran back in February. I would guess that the wait is likely 6-8 months. I do have a couple Classic Tone O/T P/T sets for 45/100. Things have still not caught up apparently...
  11. Dblgun

    Marshall Plexi Head cab builders-UK or USA

    Those look very nice and appear to cover all bases. I'll be interested if any here have made purchases from them.
  12. Dblgun

    2204 - taming the treble + Oscillation

    Marshall did the "hot shield" for a while and I have seen it help in some cases. If not done cleanly it can cause some issues. The same thing is often accomplished with a cap between the grid and plate. Something in the range of 7pf/1kv will work.
  13. Dblgun

    Remembering Brother Duane

    51 years ago today, hardly seems possible. Duane and Randy Rhoads both were brilliant players at very young age and that talent extinguished far too soon. I cannot imagine the music either would have given us had they still been around. It is possible that Duane was reincarnated in Derek Trucks...
  14. Dblgun

    Heyboer Transformers

    I have not had any issues with Heyboer P/T's in the past couple years. I typically buy from Heyboer or Amp Parts Direct. I did have a 5F11 P/T from Mojotone that was off a few years ago. The replacement they sent was fine. It was likely a Heyboer but I'm not certain. I do know that Heyboer...
  15. Dblgun

    Radio Spares Marshall Transformer ?

    Saw this for sale, way outside my wheelhouse. Seems very expensive but I suppose if you need one for an early amp...
  16. Dblgun

    Happy Birthday Mitch

    Happy Birthday Mitch, hope all is good in the I.E.!
  17. Dblgun

    Floyd Rose Intonation Problem (Help?)

    Can you post some pictures of the guitar, specifically the trem and pickup areas.
  18. Dblgun

    2104 6550A bias help?

    Typically you would switch the 47k to something along the lines of 56k. The grid leak resistors were changed from 150k to 220k. Some change them, some leave them.
  19. Dblgun

    2104 6550A bias help?

    Yes the 47k (yellow, violet, orange) is just prior to your bias pot.
  20. Dblgun

    2104 6550A bias help?

    Yeah, that certainly looks like 120k rather than 150k but looks factory. The EL34 versions I've seen have 56k bias range and 220k grid leak resistors. American market 6550 versions replaced those with 47k and 150k's respectively. Those bias figures with EL34 and 6CA7 seem way off .