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    Guitar And Pedal Issues

    I've got some problems with my guitar and pedal that I suppose need addressing separately, but I'll post them both in this thread: So I recently bought a Splawn QR100. It's a great amp, but I wasn't really satisfied with the gain. Now, this could be attributable to a number of things, but it...
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    Is This Acceptable?

    Is this an acceptable CL ad? Title: Guitarist seeking band members (hard rock) Body: • Looking for drummer and bassist • Ages 21-30 • Original hard rock band • Only requirement is dependability and no drug/alcohol issues • Reply by email or call/text *number* (serious inquiries only) Just...
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    It's A Changing World...

    ...and I'm not prepared for it, and never will be.
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    Setting Up Signal Chain

    I need help with some info about signal chain. I'm building a small board which is going to be my live rig. It will consist of the following pedals: •Dunlop Cry Baby mini wah •Pro Co Rat II •Reverb Pedal •Digital Delay •Chorus •Phaser •Flanger •Outlaw Effects Six Shooter II Chromatic Tuner On...
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    "kiss Does Not Belong In The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame"

    So I saw a Facebook post the other day where people were commenting bashing kiss, and saying they shouldn't be in the R&RHoF. The reasons many of these people gave Were because they didn't like their music. The stupidity of these people is too breathtaking for words. It is an absolute no-brainer...
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    Recommend Mini Pedals

    Parents got me a pedaltrain metro 16 for xmas. Looking to mount mini pedals on it. Looking for good quality mini pedals. Need reverb, delay, phaser, flanger, and tuner. Thanks.
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    The Thing About Rockstars

    You ever notice how it seems the people who make it to rockstar status seem pretty much like they were born to be rockstars? I firmly believe that being someone who makes it to the level of a star (especially people who are highly distinguished) seem to have something about them that no amount...
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    Why Do I Bother With Life?

    Every night I lay down and wonder why I get up every morning. It's literally a mystery why I have not killed myself yet. I really want to. I'm 27 years old and my life is a total sham and a farce. I regret every minute that I've spent in this world. I'm a virgin who has never even talked to a...
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    All Band Names Are Taken

    Everything has been taken. I give up. Everything I think of has been taken. Is this perhaps a sign that music as a whole has sort run the gamut and is now dead? I mean, even outside of band names, everything's been thought of and done before a SEPTILLION times already. There are no good band...
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    How Should I Run My Signal Chain?

    Never really put together a live rig before. I'm looking for recommendations on how to run my signal chain. I've just ordered a new 2017 Splawn QR100 which should be here about Christmas. I plan on using the following pedals with it: •Digital delay •Chorus •Flanger •Phaser •Tuner •Crybaby wah...
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    What Amp Should I Go With?

    I've got a band in the making and I'm now faced with the task of putting together a good live rig. The band is original hard rock similar in style to 80s metal. There are several routes I can go but I'm not sure which is best. Here are the ones I'm looking at. • Splawn Quick Rod: This has been...
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    School Me On '80s Jcm800 Combos

    I've been looking for the right amp for me. I've been thinking lately that a Splawn is what I want, but they're out of my price range and they don't make a 2x12 combo. I recently discovered the world of JCM800 combo amps, and they sound utterly amazing in the YouTube videos I've seen. I think...
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    I need help!

    Hello everyone, I come to you as a humble guitarist with a simple problem, I cannot get good tone! I've been struggling for years to finally get that tone that makes the things I play sound awesome, I've purchased loads of gear, I've tried asking other musicians and "experts" in music stores for...

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