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  1. Petejax1234

    Looking for a celestion T1511 55HZ G12M uk based

    If this is in the wrong section I apologise. One of my speakers in my mid 70s 4x12 has sadly developed coil rub and as a result sounds horrible. Looking for One or even a pair of celestion Blackback T1511 55HZ 444 speakers for a realistic price. I’m based in the uk and happy to travel just about...
  2. Petejax1234

    Anyone selling an original plexi ?

    Anyone selling an original plexi? Based in the uk. Thanks
  3. Petejax1234

    1976 superbass is this normal?

    So I have mainly old Marshall’s dotted all around my house and my wife is just about ok with it. In my bedroom I have a 1976 Marshall 100w superbass with no attenuation or anything. With the volumes turned to zero I still get sounds from the amp, it’s pretty much perfect bedroom level and I love...
  4. Petejax1234

    Avri strats vs original vintage 1960s strats?

    Ok as the title suggests. I’m sure many have been down this road before but what are the general differences between the avri guitars and 1960s strats for example other than wood that has had years of aging? Is there any real magic in those early guitars that isn’t present in the avri guitars of...
  5. Petejax1234

    Marshall 1960 ahw thoughts

    Hi guys, Anybody have any thoughts on the 1960ahw cabs? I have an opportunity to buy one at a great price. At this point my playing live days are over and I’m just playing at home. I currently have a bunch of old Marshall heads which I play with an old Park cab with g12-65 speakers and it’s...
  6. Petejax1234

    New amp day jmp 2204

    Picked this one up today. 1979 jmp 2204, been with the same owner for the last 37 years and was last serviced in 1989, hasn’t even had a change of tubes since then but still works remarkably well and runs silent. Anything look amiss or unoriginal?
  7. Petejax1234


    Hey guys, I’m picking up my superbass next week, obviously going to have a good look round it first. Can anyone tell wether the transformers look original? Sorry about the quality of the pictures but it’s all I have until I see it in person.
  8. Petejax1234

    Marshall superbass g12-65

    Hey guys, Just scored a 1975 Marshall superbass that I can’t wait to pick up but I was wondering if anybody has ran one with a 4x12 with celestion g12-65 t3054 speaker cab and how they sound? This is the 1777 guitar cones, not the bass cones. Thanks I’m advance
  9. Petejax1234

    WTB Checkerboard straight cab

    Hey guys, I’m in the uk and I’m looking to buy a checkerboard straight cab to go with my mid 70s jmp. I’d love to get a 70s cab even an unloaded one but if not I’d also be happy with a 1960BX. I don’t mind it being battered. If anyone has any leads please let me know. Thanks
  10. Petejax1234

    UPDATED 1977 jmp 2204 cascaded or non cascaded gut shots

    So guys here are the detailed gut shots of the 1977 amp in question so hoping somebody can tell me if this is cascaded or not?
  11. Petejax1234

    Does this jmp look all original

    Hey guys, So I put up a post about the jmp cascading gain. So whilst I’m waiting on the seller to come back to me with gut shots I wanted to share with you my back up plan, this one is more expensive and probably not the best deal but it looks all good and clean. Do the insides look all good and...
  12. Petejax1234

    1977 2204 cascaded or non cascaded?

    Hey guys, I’m looking to pull the trigger on this 1977 jmp 2204. Now it’s a long distance and as yet I don’t have any gut shots but he will send me some next week. From the tag board it looks vaguely like a February 1977 but it’s not clear. Is there any way of working out wether it’s cascaded or...
  13. Petejax1234

    Fullerton reissue thoughts

    Hey guys, I have the chance to pick up a 1983 62 Fullerton reissue in fiesta red with black bobbin pickups. Guitars all original. I was wondering what people’s thoughts are on these guitars and if anybody has one or played one? It’s a real cool guitar with loads of mojo. I was thinking now is...
  14. Petejax1234

    Jcm800 2205 reverb hum

    Hey guys I have a jcm800 2205 from late 85 that works perfectly and sounds great. Just recently when I turn the reverb up I’m getting serious hum. The hum goes away completely if I turn the reverb down low or off. I haven’t tried or checked anything as yet but I thought I would see if anyone...
  15. Petejax1234

    Marshall jmp cab

    Hey guys Just picked up this old jmp cab and it’s a thing of beauty. I’m told it’s a 1975 cab. Can anyone tell me about these speakers and wether there well regarded? I know they are predominantly bass speakers but I know a lot of the speakers from this era were loved by guitarists to. thanks...
  16. Petejax1234

    Pristine jmp advice

    Ok guys, as you will know from previous posts I have been searching for an early 70s jmp50 head for a while but not really finding anything that fit the bill at a price I’m happy with. Today I have been approached with a one owner 1971 jmp50 that hasn’t been touched since leaving the factory. I...
  17. Petejax1234

    Mesa boogie mark 3 tears for fears

    This is my mesaboogie mark 3 green stripe. Was used extensively by Roland Orzabal of Tears for fears in the late 80s early 90s. Can be seen during concert footage and on the Arsenio Hall show. It was put in to one of Rolands out buildings when he came off tour in the early 90s and it stayed...
  18. Petejax1234


    Guys been offered this, what can you tell me and how much work will it need?
  19. Petejax1234

    Marshall jmp originality

    Hi guys Can anyone give me some info on the originality of this amp? Transformers etc it’s a 1972 that I’ve been offered but it’s quite a long drive so want to go with my eyes fully open.
  20. Petejax1234

    Jmp originality

    Hey guys, could anyone help me out as to wether this amp looks all original and the transformers look original? I have the opportunity to purchase it but I need to move quick. thanks

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