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  1. gorn

    Any Celestion V30 experts here?

    Hi guys and gals I'm going to buy a Hughes and Kettner 4x12 cab tomorrow, 4 hours drive to get there. Regardless of what I find out about the speakers, its cheap enough to still warrant the drive and the asking price, vs buying new chinese V30's The seller says he bought the cab 2nd hand about...
  2. gorn

    Mosfet transistor types?

    Hi everyone. I'm just doing some homework on my non functioning Lead 100 Mosfet 3210. The mosfets are made by Hitachi Japan. The numbers on them are J49 and K135. Easy so far. I can find them on Ebay , sorta. One thing I don't understand though. Underneath the model number, both say Japan, and...
  3. gorn

    Marshall Lead 100 Mosfet 3210

    Hey everyone Received my new to me Lead 100 Mosfet today. Externally, it looks great, consider it was made in '86. I bought it cheap, knowing that it has issues. PO says severe crackling sound, no guitar sound, unuseable. Considering a working one would cost me over a grand easy, I figured I'd...
  4. gorn

    Is Tube Amp Doctor worth the $$$ ?

    Hey Marshall fans Im looking to retube my new to me Marshall 9200 power amp. I came across Tube Amp Doctor tonight, but WOW they are expensive. Mind you, I do need 8x 5881's , so there's that. Is their matching and...
  5. gorn

    G'day from Australia!

    My names Aaron, Im 48 years old I live near the high country of Victoria Australia. I mostly like classic thrash metal, but I also like classic Jimi and Pink Floyd type stuff too. I've always compromised on amps in the past, as I just didn't have the commitment or the money for it. Covid got me...
  6. gorn

    No longer required

    As the title says, Im after a Marshall monoblock stereo power amp. 100 watts and EL34 only. Im in Victoria, Australia, so I need a shipping estimate....yes I know its expensive. Try me :D Thanks :D
  7. gorn

    Have you used a SS power amp with a JMP-1 ?

    Just wondering if with today's tech, has solid state caught up on valve tone? Specifically on a power amp only. Im chasing my tail trying to get an el34 power amp to go with my JMP-1 , and I'm running out of steam. Can a modern SS power amp get, say, 90% of the way there, impersonating that el34...
  8. gorn

    Metal with a 6100 30th anniversary ???

    Hi guys Im looking at a very nice condition 6100 with el34's in it. Its expensive, but thats mostly down to shipping it from Europe to Australia. $1650AU for the head, and $515AU for shipping. Its within about $200 of a new JVM410. This will be my first Marshall, or tube head full stop actually...